Amy At New Nostalgia's Approach To Healthy Aging

Blogger Amy from Amy New Nostalgia is a married mother of three teenage girls, living in the US’s Midwest. Her focus is on purposeful and healthful living and helping others to achieve an intentional, meaningful life. Amy has shared her personal approach to healthy aging, following the adage “do not regret getting older, it is a privilege denied to many”.


Amy is a two-time cancer survivor so for her this maxim is especially poignant. She has shared her seven tips for healthy aging, and MitoQ is thrilled to be one of them!

  1. Get plenty of sleep, aim for seven to nine hours a night
  2. Stay hydrated and don’t drink your calories
  3. Eat the rainbow by including a wide range of colorful fresh fruit and vegetables in your daily diet
  4. Stay social – humans need other humans for support, love and friendship
  5. Exercise daily, even if it’s just a walk
  6. De-stress by cutting out the things that cause it and actively striving for a positive attitude
  7. And finally, Amy says, take a supplement. Here’s what she had to say about trialing MitoQ:

“MitoQ (pronounced My-toe-Q) is a brand new type of antioxidant called a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant, that has potential to slow the aging process, and help you live a longer and healthier life. This exciting new supplement and skin care serum was developed in New Zealand at the University of Otago, Dunedin. MitoQ is backed by over a decade of scientific research and over $60 million in R&D to bring it to the market!"

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“My Experience With MitoQ: I have without a doubt noticed a difference in my energy levels while taking MitoQ, and I find myself looking forward to taking it every morning, especially after I educated myself on the product and learned what exactly it can do for my body. I can’t help but think of several loved ones that I would like to get on this powerful antioxidant to help them feel more energized, too."

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“I also tried the amazing MitoQ Day Serum and I love it. I’m going on week 3 and I feel like my skin looks fresh & healthy. It feels softer and the texture is more smooth. The serum is wonderful and the beautiful bottle it comes in is an added bonus."

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To read Amy’s full blog post about healthy aging, including a more in-depth write-up about MitoQ, visit New Nostalgia here. 

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