Lorraine Downes on her Beauty Philosophy with Mindfood Magazine

No-one is exempt from the aging process, this is something that MitoQ Ambassador Lorraine Downes has become more aware of in recent years. In the latest issue of Mindfood magazine, the former Miss Universe and model discusses how her perception of beauty has evolved to encompass so much more than what’s visible on the outside.

It wasn’t until acquaintances started turning to the likes of botox to halt the aging process that Lorraine had an epiphany about her approach to aging. While the media tend to put aging in a negative light, her view is to be committed to doing the inner work. True beauty is not what we see on the surface but what’s deep within.

Love and acceptance of yourself is one of Lorraine’s key beliefs when it comes to getting a “beautiful, peaceful outer glow.” We should not fear the signs of aging and embrace self-care rather than resort to various lotions and potions.

MindFood November Lorraine Downes Article

“I think that how we live our lives – it shows in our skin, and the choices we are making” she explains.

One of the choices Lorraine makes is to incorporate MitoQ into her daily wellness routine. “MitoQ is all about the mitochondria, which give our cells their energy. As we age, our mitochondria age as well,” she says. Her MitoQ supplements of choice are the Skin Support Complex and Skin Protection Complex which she uses to support her skin from within.  

Lorraine-Downes Does Yoga in Her Garden

“I do believe that the basics of nourishing the health of your skin begin internally,” Lorraine explains. “And we all know the benefits of using supplementation such as MitoQ to assist in having optimal cell energy and renewal, eating a diet that is as natural as possible, regular exercise, protection from the sun, and getting a good nights sleep when the skin is doing its renewing and revitalizing.”

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MitoQ is an advanced form of CoQ10 which supports your cells to produce the energy they need and minimise damage from free radicals. We’ve rounded up nearly everything you need to know about CoQ10 including what this special vitamin is and what it can do for your skin.

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