MitoQ & The Immune System: Defense Is The Best Form Of Offense

The immune system is our defense mechanism against pathogens (e.g. bacteria, viruses, parasites).It is made up of many body parts including the bone marrow, thymus and lymph nodes, which communicate and work together to keep us healthy and functioning at our best.

Our skin is the largest immune organ in our body and provides the first line of defense against infection and injury. It is vital that we protect cells in our skin such as fibroblasts so they can generate connective tissue and allow the skin to recover from injuries and wounds. Inside our body, protective barriers like the gut lining are also present. They play a similar role to the skin preventing pathogens from interacting with the host and causing complications. Should pathogens break through these barriers, our immune system is able to detect that something is wrong and deal to it through immune cells. One of the incredible aspects of the immune system is its ability to remember what has invaded so if it were to reoccur, the response would be quicker and we would be back on our feet faster.


Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is produced by the mitochondria and is very important for the immune system to function optimally. It fuels the body and provides the energy necessary to carry out the immune response. This is why the health of mitochondria are so important. Damaged tissues can produce cytokines which can(cell-signalling molecules) stress out the cells and can lead to an increase production of free radicals, and oxidative stress. Studies have suggested that oxidative stress can produce cytokines inside our bodies, triggering mitochondrial damage and decreasing production of ATP as well as free radical scavengers such as CoQ10 inside the mitochondria. This chain of events can weaken the immune response  and ultimately mitochondrial dysfunction unless excess free radicals are neutralized.

MitoQ, a mitochondria-targeted CoQ10 antioxidant, are able to  penetrate the mitochondria and support them even when they are under attack. MitoQ mimics the actions of natural CoQ10 helping to restore ATP levels to support wound healing and helping to keep pathogens out.. Furthermore, immune cells can be supported, helping to keep us healthy and ready for the next strike.

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