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What Could You Achieve With Powered Up Cellular Health?

We all want to be able to perform at our best. We don’t doubt that, like many of us at MitoQ, you have a well-stocked wellbeing toolkit to help you with this. This might include a carefully designed sleep ritual, a daily dose of exercise or a...
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Which Vitamins Are Most Effective For Supporting Heart Health

When you think about what organs are most important in the body the lungs, brain, and heart are probably some of the first that comes to mind. The heart is at the center of it all because if it does not pump the blood to the lungs and the rest of...
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The Heart And Oxidative Stress

Our heart is made up mostly of muscle cells that help our heart to beat two billion, nine hundred and twenty million times in an average lifetime.
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Heart Health And How MitoQ Helps

Every day, your heart beats 100,000 times to pump over 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels. Extended out over the average life span, this amazing organ requires a huge amount of energy.
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Why Is Magnesium So Important For Cardiovascular Health?

The cardiovascular system (the essential components are the heart, blood and blood vessels) is a very important component of our body. 
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Support Healthy Energy Levels with MitoQ

Mitochondria convert the food we eat and the air we breathe into “ATP”, the fuel that powers our cells, and in turn, us.
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Scientists Still Have One Trick Up Their Sleeve; MitoQ Heart

While a balanced diet, routine health checks, regular exercise and avoiding smoking are the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle, it’s good to know that science still has one more trick up its sleeve.
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Energy Boosting Foods

Circulatory stimulating foods that increase the flow of blood around the body will provide a natural increase in energy. Try ginger, cinnamon and turmeric for that natural boost in energy that won’t come crashing down. Ensuring adequate levels of...
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Can Magnesium Help Your Heart?

Did you know that you’re made up of stardust? When stellar explosions occur, the dust that drifts to earth contains many of the major minerals that are essential to life on earth, making up the building blocks of the cells that form your body. One...
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