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Do Not Purchase Another CoQ10 Supplement Without Reading This!

On face value taking CoQ10 makes sense … When you take CoQ10 you support the generation of energy and reduction of cellular free radical damage …. or do you?
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The “Three Parent Baby” Debate & How It Relates To You?

The interesting debate in the UK about three parent children or baby underlies the massive impact that mitochondria have on our health and life. For those at risk of being born with poorly functioning mitochondria this is a very serious, significant...
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How Well Are Your Batteries Performing?

Imagine if you will, that we all ran on batteries.  The sort of batteries that you find in cell phones. You would plug yourself in each night to recharge your batteries so that you had enough energy to get through the next day.
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What Is CoQ10?

Mitochondria are often described as our cellular batteries. They are small organelles that sit in our cells and are responsible for generating the power to run the cells.
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MitoQ And Pro-oxidant Free Radicals And Their Effects

It is now understood that free radicals play an important role as signaling molecules in conditions of cellular stress like cancer, infections and other situations. In these situations there is benefit in cells signaling that they are under stress...
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The MitoQ Story - The Beginning

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that is in every cell in our body. Its other name is ubiquinone because of the ubiquitous distribution across all our cells. CoQ10 sits predominantly in the mitochondria as part of our natural defense against free radicals...
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