Watch Gary Hall Jr.'s Deep Dive into MitoQ

Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Gary Hall Jr. is not interested in slowing down as he gets older. Fortunately for MitoQ, he doesn’t have to.

When Gary was at the peak of his training for the Olympic games his coaches recommended he supplement with CoQ10 to support his performance, improve lap times and aid his recovery. When he discovered MitoQ, Gary took a deep dive into the science, manufacturing processes and scientific studies to educate himself on the product. He discovered that MitoQ is an advanced form of CoQ10 and has over 400 peer reviewed articles successfully testing MitoQ across a range of health–related applications.

Watch the video below to learn more about Gary and why MitoQ is now his top supplement for aging better.

MitoQ- Gary Hall V6- Widescreen-Subtitled


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