MitoQ helps power your body’s cells, so you can do more of what matters, for longer.

Power Up Your Energy

If you have energy, you are going to have motivation, if you’ve got motivation, you're going to be able to do more of what you love. How do you maintain energy levels and support optimal wellbeing? By helping our mitochondria thrive - so you can too. 

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Prepare For The Future

As we age our mitochondria (our cellular batteries) start to decline in function. It's why we have less energy and we take longer to recover from injury or illness. If our cells don't get the energy they need, they can't do all the jobs they're tasked with. That's why our mitochondria are so important. 

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Build Your Resilience

Your body is amazing, but to keep it running at optimal you need to provide it with the right fuel. By looking after your mitochondria, MitoQ in turn supports good cellular health, which ultimately helps with good overall health. 

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A strong body is made of strong cells.
Strong cells are powered by mitochondria.
What powers mitochondria?
We do.

What Is MitoQ?

MitoQ is an enhanced form of the antioxidant CoQ10 that has been engineered to be able to get into your cells’ power plants - your mitochondria - at significant levels. No other antioxidant, CoQ10 or form of CoQ10 can do this as effectively. Once inside the mitochondria, MitoQ helps to support their function.

The Benefits of MitoQ?

Taking a supplement that supports mitochondrial performance, is a smart strategy to help you maintain energy levels and support your cells and your ongoing wellbeing and longevity.

People that take MitoQ report a return of their energy, endurance and recovery times. Many experience less stress, support for sleep, mental focus, a youthful libido and an overall lift in well-being.  People that apply MitoQ to their skin report a healthy, younger looking appearance with fewer fine lines, blemishes and age spots.

Energy is the most important aspect of our lives. It's what we all look for and links us all together.

MitoQ Kaytee Boyd FULL 250620

60+ Global Patents

60+ global patents for our advanced CoQ10 technology.

$60m In Research

Over two decades of research and $60m of independent research development investment

400 Published Papers

Over 400 published, peer-reviewed papers from the world's leading research institutions.

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Have some MitoQ, on us.

We're so confident with how much MitoQ can make a difference for you that we're giving you a head start in your journey with us. After 3 months you'll be well on your way to optimizing your cellular processes at the core of your health and wellbeing, so when you buy a 3 month supply of MitoQ, you can save.

Save 10% on a triple pack.

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Our Best Sellers



All our products contain our world-first enhanced antioxidant that supports mitochondrial health, which is the fundamental starting point for optimal energy, health, mental focus, performance and recovery.


MitoQ 5mg Triple Pack

A full three-month's supply of our original breakthrough MitoQ formula.
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MitoQ 5mg

The original breakthrough formula supporting energy and key organ health.
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MitoQ Heart

MitoQ Heart

Scientifically formulated to support cardiovascular health.
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MitoQ Skin Support Complex

MitoQ Skin Support Complex

Supports energized, hydrated skin.
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MitoQ Skin Protection Complex

MitoQ Skin Protection Complex

Supports skin resilience and protection.
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MitoQ Eye Cream

MitoQ Eye Cream

Actively helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.
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Why Our Ambassadors Use MitoQ

Gunnar Peterson
Celebrity fitness trainer and LA Lakers director of strength and endurance
“Life is all about energy. Energy in, energy out. I don’t ever let my tank get down to E. MitoQ makes sure of that!”
Tracy Anderson
Creator of world renowned ‘Tracy Anderson Method’ fitness program
“I don't have time to be tired or take days to myself to chill in bed its's critical that my body performs it's best and that I have the energy to get me through my busy days. And MitoQ helps me do that”
Gary Hall Junior
10 time Olympic medallist and prominent diabetes advocate
“MitoQ served as a kick starter to re-engaging a more active lifestyle, mitigating stress and getting me back to feeling my best. A chain reaction ensued. More energy means more physical activity. More physical activity means less stress. Less stress means a longer, happier, healthier life to enjoy with my kids.”
Darragh Walshe
World Masters Game Triathlete
“The good thing with MitoQ is it’s not just for athletes. You could be a weekend warrior. Or you could just be someone who wants to give more to their family, their business, or other elements of their life.”
Kaytee Boyd
Integrative nutritionist, wellness proponent, businesswoman and former professional athlete,
"I’m a huge fan of MitoQ, I’ve been taking it for a long time. It makes such a difference to my day. My cognition is better, I can deal with long days. My energy’s better. I don’t have any dips, so I don’t get that 3 o’clock low in the afternoon. And I notice dramatically when I don’t take it.”
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