" Power up your mitochondria for boundless energy, laser sharp
mental focus and a powerful, vibrant body

Dr. Susanne Bennett

Dr. Susanne Bennett  
  Bestselling Author And Host of "Wellness for Life"  


With a full-on life, supercharged energy would be pretty handy...

Chasing kids, developing a career, finding time for friends and family, squeezing in some exercise—it all takes good planning and tons of energy.

Based on over a decade and $50 million of research, MitoQ is breakthrough science that delivers a specially-formulated CoQ10 antioxidant into your cells, in a way which is hundreds of times more effective than standard CoQ10 antioxidants.

It helps your cells generate health-giving energy, supporting your organs and tissues to  perform as well as possible — so you can enjoy your best energy and put your heart into life, wherever you are, whatever you're doing



Whatever your purpose in life, you need health-giving

energy for all your heroics

Whatever your purpose in life, you need health-giving energy for all your heroics
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Why the world is waking up to mitochondrial health and the critical role it plays in sustaining your energy levels and ongoing wellbeing.
What’s causing your mitochondria—the ‘power plants’ of your cells—to slow down and work inefficiently, causing you to feel tired.
How CoQ10 antioxidants can help supercharge energy production and power up your body’s defences.
How MitoQ’s unique CoQ10 antioxidant formula, floods the mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than standard CoQ10 antioxidants.
How MitoQ supports a strong, healthy heart, helps to keep your cardiovascular system finely-tuned and promotes sustained levels of energy.
How when your cells are revitalized, re-energized and resilient, so are you.


And learn how thousands of women like you are reinvigorating their energy and focus.


Join thousands of women using MitoQ to help them go the
distance and give their best energy to every moment
Since using MitoQ I've experienced positive changes including less fatigue, much faster recovery rates from running long distance, and my favourite —a visible reduction in lines on my face.
Wendy, Mum, career professional and runner
I've been taking MitoQ for two years and think this product has been the main reason I have had the energy to not only finish this amazing journey but enjoy even the toughest parts of the Inca Trail.
Mary, Long distance hiker
My body literally feels like its in its 20's again and I have a renewed view on life and my physical ability to take on any challenge again.
Ann, Personal trainer and athlete
I noticed an immediate effect of increased energy, and really notice it when I don't take them. After taking the supplements and having such a good result I decided to try the skincare and it's amazing!
Joni, Working Mum

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There’s an incredible story behind MitoQ®. Watch this short video to meet Phil and his friend Slim and find out how they team together to keep your cells healthy.

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  32214151-0-Purple-Arrow  Learn about the scientific breakthrough that led to over 200 published research papers worldwide


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MitoQ Original Triple Pack

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 "The most significant advance in antioxidant technology 

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