9 things research suggests MitoQ can help with

We explain how MitoQ benefits cellular health and what MitoQ is used for.

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MitoQ’s benefits are far-reaching. It supports your cells: all of which have different functions that keep you thinking, moving and breathing. Because it’s a cellular health molecule, it’s an area that researchers are continuously exploring. It’s been shown to fight oxidative stress, support cardiovascular health and improve athletic performance and so much more – so, we’re always excited to learn about what benefits researchers will uncover next. If you’re new to MitoQ and want to better understand what it could do for you, keep reading to learn about its research-backed benefits.

#1 MitoQ fights oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is the name used to describe an imbalance between the levels of antioxidants and free radicals within your body. This imbalance is a key cause of cell stress: which basically means your cells – the building blocks of your body – are in trouble. Several research papers have concluded that MitoQ fights oxidative stress; helping your cells, your body and you to function at your best again.

#2 MitoQ supports healthy aging

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The health of our bodies and how they age is largely attributed to cell stress. Non-human studies have shown that, by combating oxidative stress, MitoQ may be beneficial in alleviating the oxidative stress-related causes of aging. To understand this process better, you might like to read The mitochondrial free radical theory of aging.

Now in my seventies and still running my small business of over thirty three years, I know I have benefited from my daily use of MitoQ. I take four capsules these days, enjoy Pilates and cycling and I look forward to many more years of active living.
David via Trustpilot

#3 MitoQ can improve athletic performance

Esteemed athletes/personal trainers such as Gary Hall Junior, Rose Wetzel and Gunnar Peterson all take MitoQ, and there’s plenty of research that supports why our molecule is a must-have in the morning routines of many sportspeople. In 2021, researchers published a paper stating “our work provides evidence that MitoQ can attenuate exercise-induced increases in lipid peroxidation and improve cycling time trial performance in middle-aged, recreationally trained men.”. Their research was carried out with the help of 19 middle-aged, recreationally trained male cyclists who completed an 8km time trial with and without MitoQ’s support. They found that, after consistently taking MitoQ for 28 days, cyclists were able to complete the time trial faster.

#4 MitoQ provides immunity support

Researchers have investigated how MitoQ might be able to support the immune system throughout the body’s aging process. They looked at MitoQ’s effect on cells from healthy 25-30-year-old and 55-60-year-old volunteers, after the cells had been removed from participants and exposed to hydrogen peroxide. They found that “mitoQ may have anti-immunosenescent potential”. In short, it could help to delay the effect that aging has on the immune system.

#5 MitoQ supports cardiovascular health

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Another exciting MitoQ discovery is that it can support the cardiovascular system in multiple ways. In healthy older adults, MitoQ has been shown to improve vascular function by improving arterial dilation, reducing arterial stiffness and reducing oxidative stress – helping the cells your cardiovascular system relies on.

I am 75 and taken MitoQ since it was first available. It helps to keep my arteries healthy and me energetic. A great help in maintaining a healthy life.
Collin via Trustpilot

#6 MitoQ supports leg extension power and mobility in older adults

Scientists also have good news for anyone whose legs aren’t quite what they used to be. Using leg extension power as an indicator for mobility, researchers investigated whether MitoQ could help older adults to improve their leg extension power. They found that, by taking MitoQ for 6 weeks, the study’s participants were able to increase their leg extension power by 11%. The study’s authors concluded, “MitoQ and other therapeutic strategies targeting mtROS may hold promise for improving motor function”.

#7 MitoQ increases athletic power outputs

If you’re an athlete or fitness junkie, you’ll be pleased to know that MitoQ can also play an important role in supporting your training and athletic performance. In 2022, researchers published the findings of a clinical trial that was carried out by measuring how MitoQ vs a placebo impacted untrained men as they completed HIIT workouts. They found that those who took MitoQ experienced more peak power than those who didn’t, enabling them to put more into their HIIT workouts.

#8 MitoQ prevents post-exercise mitochondrial DNA damage

A lot of research on MitoQ explores how it works within mitochondria, tiny organelles that give your cells the energy they need to function. This is because MitoQ was the first CoQ10 molecule specifically designed to enter cells in meaningful doses. What one group of scientists found was that, by getting deep inside mitochondria, MitoQ can prevent mitochondrial DNA damage that typically occurs following bouts of high-intensity exercise. What does this mean? Basically, you can have your cake and eat it too! When you take MitoQ, you can enjoy those intense workouts in the knowledge that MitoQ will be helping your cells to continue functioning at their best long after the workout is over.

My experience with MitoQ has been definitely good since a couple of symptoms of aging are now completely gone thanks to MitoQ. Please make sure you tell people that MitoQ needs appropriate time to be fully effective. Further, please educate users of Mito Q so they know that they should stay on MitoQ for good once they start.
Professor Michael G. Nasser MD, FAHA

#9 MitoQ may support kidney health

More research is needed in this area, but current studies suggest that MitoQ may be able to support kidney health. At the very least, we know that it’s extremely safe for your kidneys – even in excessively high doses. When researchers from the University of Auburn, Alabama asked study participants to take 100-160mg of MitoQ (depending on their body weight) - keeping in mind the recommended daily dose is 10-20mg – and found no evidence of kidney injury. The study’s lead author, Braxton Linder, commented: “For me the most exciting thing about MitoQ is the number of tissues and cell types in which it may have unique effects”.

There’s more...but we can’t talk about it

You might be wondering – with over 650 research papers published on MitoQ, there must be more than nine results on what it can help with, right? You’re not wrong. Because MitoQ is classified as a dietary supplement (we chose this classification so that we could make MitoQ available to everyone) we’re only allowed to talk about studies that have been carried out in healthy individuals. You can learn more about this in the article below.

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