an image of Gunnar Peterson in his gym located in LA

Gunnar Peterson's power tips series

We’re excited to take you behind the scenes into Gunnar Petersons L.A. gym for tips on how to power up your training.

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a magnified image of the inside of a cell

90 days of cell activity

The liver requires a lot of energy so liver cells are packed with mitochondria but our livers' prone to damage from toxins, infections and other conditions

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mother and son writing in notebook

Should I take CoQ10?

In the right form, CoQ10 can be beneficial to everyone, they provide important antioxidants that can naturally decline in supply as we age. Discover MitoQ.

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7 ways to have more energy throughout the day

7 ways to have more energy include staying hydrated, getting better sleep, taking supplements, exercising, getting outdoors, tidying up, and self-care.

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image of a natural rock outcropping

Digestive health and how MitoQ helps

Our digestive system is a complex series of organs that starts at the mouth and includes the stomach and the small and large intestines.

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Coffee vs. caffeine pills

Caffeine pills and coffee both contain caffeine but there are significant differences. This includes differences in their nutrition, production and use.

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Woman swimming in exercise pool

More mitochondria for better athletes?

If humans had as many mitochondria as dogs would the world records for endurance events improve? Could boosting your mitochondrial health improve this?

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A woman on her daily run

MitoQ clinical trial - MitoQ prevents damage to mitochondrial DNA after exercise

MitoQ is increasingly being studied for its ability to improve endurance, recovery and physical performance. So far, anecdotal evidence from athletes has recorded improvements in VO2 max, HRV (heart rate variability) and shortened recovery periods after intense physical training.

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Flower opening in the morning light

The 6 step guide on how to become a morning person

Becoming a morning person requires you to tackle two aspects of your routine: ensuring a good night's sleep, and ensuring you get out of bed, the right way

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