Morning routine inspiration from Gary Hall Junior, Jono Nelson + other athletes

Get some morning routine inspiration from these incredible athletes + find out how MitoQ fits into their morning routines.

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Gary Hall Jr. planking

When it comes to morning routines, athletes generally have a head start on the rest of the world – particularly athletes who double as working professionals, students and/or parents. Nutrition plays a key role in their performance and training throughout the day, as does sleep, hydration and (let’s be honest), coffee! More and more athletes are incorporating MitoQ into their morning routines due to an increasing number of independent research papers emphasising its athletic performance benefits. So, we caught up with some MitoQ-taking athletes to find out how they design their morning routines to support their multi-faceted lives. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for your own morning routine!

Gary Hall Junior – 10-time Olympic medalist + children’s swimming instructor

Olympic swimmer Gary Hall Jr.
  • After waking up in the morning, I have a habit of grabbing my phone to glance at emails and read through daily news.
  • From bed, I put on a pair of surf trunks - my uniform.
  • I shuffle out to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of water and take my MitoQ and omega 3 supplements.
  • Then, I eat a light breakfast: usually some fruit and yogurt.
  • Music is turned on. I apply some sunscreen and then jump in the pool, working with kids for 4 to 6 hours every day.

Tessa Dekker - MitoQ Adventure Racing Team athlete

Tessa Dekker - MitoQ Adventure Racing Team
  • My alarm goes off around 5:45 - 6am each morning. I'll get up, give the dog a morning cuddle, let him outside, turn on the kettle for a cup of tea and take my MitoQ with a glass of water. It is important you take your MitoQ half an hour before breakfast so it's the first thing I do in the morning.
  • After a small breakfast (I'll most likely eat a piece of toast with marmite or banana) I'll either head to the gym for a PT session or go for a girls’ morning bike ride.
  • When I get back from my morning workout, I walk the dog for 30-45 minutes. It is a nice cooldown for me before hitting the shower and getting ready for work.
  • So now it gets busy... after walking the dog, I need to rush back home, have a quick shower and get dressed for work!
  • I finally arrive at work and prepare myself a lovely coffee to get ready for the second start of the day!

Jono Nelson – champion handcyclist + community support worker

Handcyclist Jono Nelson
  • I wake up anywhere between 6am and 7.30am depending on whether Nicky, my fur baby, has walked all over me and tried every method possible to wake me up.
  • Feed Nicky and let her outside so I can make breakfast in peace lol.
  • Take my MitoQ.
  • Go have a shower and then I make my wife and I some breakfast which, for me, is porridge and banana with a nice strong coffee!
  • I then head off to mahi (work) in my job as a home and community support worker.

Rose Wetzel – OCR champion + competitive runner

OCR champion Rose Wetzel
  • Drink some water
  • Take MitoQ
  • Say a morning mantra
  • Stretch
  • Brush teeth
  • Greet family
  • Read through to-do list
  • Cook breakfast

Nick Allen – founder of Mastering Mountains, climber, author

Mastering Mountains founder Nick Allen
  • I wake up at 6:00am every morning, including most weekends. I'm a morning person, so the time I wake is all about balancing the need for quality sleep (8+ hrs) and maximizing my best hours - 6:00am seems to strike that balance.
  • I climb into my exercise gear, head downstairs and take 20mg of MitoQ curcumin with a big glass of water. I take MitoQ first thing so I can digest my MitoQ on an empty stomach, maximising the benefit of each dose. MitoQ curcumin is my go-to because it gives that extra boost to my immune system and mental clarity.
  • I head out for a brisk walk. I walk for 40-60 minutes daily and enjoy it best early in the morning. In my experience, the morning's first activity often sets the tone for the entire day. For this reason, I invest my best hours in mindful walking, setting me up for a more centred approach to the day ahead.
  • While walking, I listen to a 20 min guided meditation. I find it hard to sit and meditate, but walking meditations work great for me. After completing the meditation, I remove my headphones to focus on the sound of birdsong and intentionally enjoy a sense of repose.
  • I get home and assemble breakfast and lunch. Scrambled eggs with avocado are often my go-to breakfast, but more recently, I have been enjoying chia-seed pudding with fruit and nuts. I prepare lunch early, making good food choices before the pressures of the day kick in.

Kaytee Boyd – Integrative Nutritionist & former professional cyclist

Integrative Nutritionist Kaytee Boyd
  • Daily diary check-in
  • Write a gratitude list
  • Have MitoQ with a huge glass of water
  • Walk dogs & listen to a podcast
  • Train
  • Work

George Jackson – professional cyclist with New Zealand Cycling Project

George Jackson New Zealand Cycling Project
  • I go to bed knowing my plan for tomorrow, this lets me choose the perfect amount of sleep I get.
  • I wake up knowing the big training or racing day ahead so the first thing I do is have my MitoQ so I know I will be ready to go and recovered from the last training days.
  • After breakfast I get on the bike which is either the road bike or track bike and rip into it.

Ben Oliver – professional cyclist with New Zealand Cycling Project

Ben Oliver New Zealand Cycling Project
  • Wake up 7.30 am from a good night’s sleep.
  • Take MitoQ with water. This kick starts my day, I feel focused and energized to charge into the morning.
  • Have breakfast: coffee, porridge and fruit. While having breakfast, phone friends and family for a catch up. 
  • Check my training plan, weather and decide my bike route.
  • Activation exercises, start my ride!

Josh Burnett – professional cyclist with New Zealand Cycling Project + student

Josh Burnett – professional cyclist with New Zealand Cycling Project
  • I wake up at 7.30am to start my day on the right foot but with enough rest.
  • The first thing I consume is my MitoQ with water. This way, before I put anything else in my body, I know I’ve already started my day by supporting the energy requirements of my brain and body.
  • Next, I get dressed and make myself a coffee before eating my breakfast, generally overnight oats to fuel my day.
  • As I’m having breakfast and during the following couple hours, I’ll get the start of my uni work for the day done. I like to get some done while I’m fresh and before heading out for generally 3-4 hours training on the bike.

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