We can’t tell you about some of MitoQ’s research: here’s why

MitoQ Studies? Where's the proof? Clinical trials? These are things you may be wondering and we want to tell you all about them! But we can't, here's why..

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If you’ve done your research on MitoQ, you’ll know that we have 500+ studies behind us and 11 clinical trials (and counting). You might also have noticed that we don’t promote or discuss the majority of these studies online – despite most of them mentioning several positive outcomes. There is a reason for this. MitoQ is classified as a dietary supplement – which means that, under strict rules set by regulatory bodies such as the FDA, TGA and MedSafe, we cannot make nor imply any therapeutic claims.

What we can’t say

Because MitoQ is classified as a dietary supplement, we cannot, under regulatory guidelines, say that MitoQ can prevent, treat or cure any disease, illness or injury. We can only say that MitoQ supports the structure or function of a healthy body. While there are plenty of brands out there that make big bold claims – we're not one of them. We stick to the guidelines and always aim to be as transparent as possible. However, these regulations do mean that, whenever a new study is published on how MitoQ influenced a health condition, we can’t tell you about it. This is why we only talk about four of MitoQ’s ten clinical trials, online.

What we can say

We can make health claims. This means that we can tell you about studies that have observed how MitoQ impacts healthy people – but we cannot discuss studies that involved participants with existing health conditions. For example, you probably will have read that MitoQ can significantly fight cell stress, support heart health, improve muscle recovery following high-intensity exercise and improve leg extension power in healthy older adults. The reason that we can make these claims is because we can back them up with studies that involved healthy adult participants. While plenty of other clinical trials and studies have been published on the positive effects of MitoQ, we can’t discuss them because either 1) the study’s participants weren’t considered physically or mentally healthy and/or 2) the study concluded that MitoQ had a therapeutic effect on a health condition.

Why we encourage you to do your own research

It’s important to carry out your own research on any product that you plan to consume – and we really hope you will carry out your own research on MitoQ. MitoQ has been scientifically proven to accumulate inside the mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than other CoQ10 supplements - and there are so many health benefits related to having healthy mitochondria. However, there are many independent trials and studies on this that we simply can’t tell you about due to regulatory guidelines.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or concerns about MitoQ, our customer service team is always more than happy to help. Simply send them a message and they’ll endeavor to respond within 48 hours.

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