10mg MitoQ dosage compared to CoQ10?

10mg of MitoQ seems low compared to the 400mg of CoQ10 recommended by most websites?

Our recommended dose of MitoQ is only 10mg a day which we believe is more effective than 400mg of CoQ10 as standard CoQ10 is poorly absorbed by our  mitochondria due to molecule size.

The mitochondria-targeting of CoQ10 works amazingly well, with almost all the MitoQ molecules finding their way into the mitochondria. It is so effective that the dose can be reduced by ten times yet still provide hundreds of times as much CoQ10 directly to the mitochondria. Once it neutralizes a free radical, MitoQ is also recycled back to its active form allowing it to perform this task over and over again. 

MitoQ is rapidly and actively absorbed from the gut and readily passes through other biological membranes. Once inside the cell, MitoQ molecules are attracted to and actively transported inside the mitochondria where they are able reach concentrations up to 1,000 times higher than in the rest of the cell, something that no other CoQ10 formulation comes anywhere close to.

MitoQ has shown significant promise in over 50 different models of degenerative health conditions  including many of the most serious and debilitating ones  of the modern world, and over 180 research papers have now been published. The vastly improved absorption of MitoQ, provides a huge antioxidant boost and helps to restore proper energy metabolism in poorly functioning mitochondria. This gives our cells all the energy they need to work optimally, and the antioxidant reserves they need to keep free radical damage in check, making MitoQ the only CoQ10 you’ll ever need.