MitoQ Affiliate Program

Join the MitoQ Affiliate Program and earn sales commission

What is MitoQ?

MitoQ Ltd is a New Zealand based company. Our mission is to introduce people around the world to the health benefits of our core ingredient - Mitoquinol.

Mitoquinol is a new type of antioxidant called a "mitochondria-targeted antioxidant”. Mitochondria are in every cell in our body and are often called our cellular battery as they take the air we breathe and the food we eat and convert it into something called ATP - a molecule that our cells use as the fuel to drive cellular function.

MitoQ is an exciting breakthrough that, for the first time, allows the delivery of antioxidant to the mitochondria in meaningful levels.

MitoQ acts in three ways:

  • 1. as a reservoir of antioxidant that is available to the cell to slow oxidative damage processes,
  • 2. to support the mitochondrial membrane and optimise the ATP energy generation process
  • 3. as a barrier to free radical leakage secondary to ATP generation

It is important to note that whilst MitoQ protects the mitochondrial membrane its antioxidant activity is very specific. MitoQ selectively ignores and is not active against hydrogen peroxide, an important pro-oxidant signaling molecule.

Over the past decade over 300+ peer reviewed articles have been published in respected medical journals (see on the effect of MitoQ on a range of diseases and conditions.

What is an affiliate program?

If you have a web site you can post links to Each time someone visits your site, links to our page and a sale is made, you earn a commission on that sale.

Your customers will have direct access to our full line of MitoQ products and orders are shipped directly from our warehouse.

How does the MitoQ affiliate program work?

We work with Ebay Enterprise who specialize in Affiliate Program management. They manage and track all activity associated with our program, they track links and orders and ensure that you receive your commission each month.

Through the Ebay Enterprise portal you'll have access to our affiliate creative assets, logo, marketing links and special promotional offers.

What are the benefits? 

It's simple, easy to manage and there is no fee to join our program. Earn 10% commission on all MitoQ sales generated through your website and upgrade your commission percentage when your monthly sales reach these parameters:

  • Sales greater than $10,000.00 receive 15.000%
  • Sales greater than $20,000.00 receive 20.000%
  • Sales greater than $40,000.00 receive 25.000%
  • Sales greater than $100,000.00 receive 30.000%

You'll have access to special offers which will provide great value to your customers and increased earnings for you. A dedicated program manager through Ebay Enterprise will help you with all your affiliate program questions and needs.

How do I get started? 

Complete the online application and then check your email for confirmation. Review the tips and suggestions for marketing your site. Put links on your site that drive traffic to MitoQ and start earning your commission.

Apply Now affiliate marketing.

MitoQ is now available at If you are a member of their affiliate marketing program you will be able to earn up to 10% on the sale of MitoQ. You can learn more about the Amazon affiliate marketing program here

Please note the higher affiliate margins noted above are not available on the affiliate marketing platform.