Your cells power the juggle.

What powers your cells?
Cellular energy is the foundation of good health. Discover how to power up yours.

It’s 6am and you’re up and folding washing while checking emails and having your breakfast before the kids need to wake up…

You have a to-do list as long as your arm waiting for you at the office. You’re mentally running through how the morning needs to unfold, in order for you and the rest of the family to get to work and school happy and ready to go for the day.

It’s a true art, spinning all these plates – if one slips, they can all come crashing down. If this kind of juggle sounds like you, it’s likely that resilience and the ability to keep going are important to you. Wouldn’t it be great if these things were a given?

Tracey Anderson
“I’m a founder of my business, I’m a mum of a 20-year-old in college and a 6-year-old in first grade…
…I mean it’s like laundry and dinner and homework and it’s like, nuts! That sort of grind that we all have right now… it’s real. … Just starting with MitoQ is something you can do that’s easy. You’ll start to feel like you’ve got more energy, you’ll start to feel more focused, you’ll just start to feel more like yourself because your cells are healthy."
Tracey Anderson — Global fitness pioneer & founder of the Tracy Anderson Method

Think small to live big.

What if we told you that you can support your overall health and well-being in just ten seconds a day? Well, first you have to think small, really small. Microscopic even.

We are all made up of trillions and trillions of cells. Inside each one of these cells are mitochondria. Mitochondria combine the food we eat and the air we breathe to generate the energy our cells need to operate every function in the body.

What's in it for you?

If our mitochondria are healthy and functioning optimally, our bodies will be too because they literally power life and good health.

It’s probably not feasible to fit in a gym session or run every day, so try sneaking exercise into your normal routine instead. Using public transport was shown in a recent British Medical Journal study to be associated with lower body mass indices (BMI) than travelling by private transport. 

If it’s not practical to ditch the car, park it a 15-minute walk away from your final destination. Conduct walking meetings at work, go and talk to colleagues in person rather than emailing, and if possible, work standing up for 15-30 minutes every one to two hours. Added heart benefits of exercise include reducing blood pressure risks, helping to control weight, and improving heart muscle health by revitalizing its cellular powerhouse – the mitochondria.

Healthy family

How do you power your mitochondria?

The answer to this is mitoquinol. If that word sounds super technical, all we’re talking about here is taking two capsules of a unique form of the antioxidant CoQ10 a day.

Mitoquinol is the breakthrough ingredient in all MitoQ products – a collection of world-first biotech supplements created in New Zealand. MitoQ is the only CoQ10 antioxidant in the world that’s able to penetrate the mitochondria at significant levels to help rejuvenate cell energy to normal.

Once back at their best, mitochondria power your cells, which power your body, so you can power through life and do more of the things you love.

MitoQ is breakthrough cellular science that helps your body perform at its best
MitoQ CoQ Technology
World-first CoQ Technology

Specially formulated CoQ10 antioxidant, MitoQ is a breakthrough in cellular health.

MitoQ Published Research
Published Research

Over 350 peer-reviewed papers from the world's leading research teams. Positive results achieved in over 90+ health-related studies.

MitoQ Quality & Safety
Quality & Safety

All our ingredients carry significant scientific data to support their quality and safety. 

What are others saying about MitoQ?

Having been on the MitoQ supplement for a couple of months now, I got much more than I bargained for than just anti-aging. Increased energy and better moods, the glowing skin and more youthful appearance which was once the motivation is just the cherry on the top."
Sharel K., NZ
Being an older working mum of a toddler can be tough but MitoQ has really helped and I recommend it to anyone who struggles with low energy"
Joni B., NZ
"I have never felt so much alive!"
Brandi S., USA
"If you’re anything like me - frantically running around after everyone, forever trying to rise above the craziness, and just need to keep on going – I would definitely recommend trying MitoQ." 
Anna, NZ
"I found my thinking to be somehow clearer and more focused."
Karen C., NZ
“I'm a mum, I work full time and I'm a runner which is all quite a juggle and can be very stressful. Since using MitoQ I've experienced some noticeable positive changes including less fatigue, much faster recovery rates from running long distance, and my favourite - a visible reduction in lines on my face"
Wendy V., NZ
Take Charge of Your Health

Let your health become an essential part of your support network by experiencing this remarkable discovery for yourself.  

MitoQ – the world's first antioxidant supplement to directly target the mitochondria.

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