28 days trial results of MitoQ by Net-A-Porter beauty panel

Want to know what real women really think of MitoQ?

NET-A-PORTER put the MitoQ anti-aging formula on trial for 28 days with a research panel of NET-A-PORTER customers. Each participant used MitoQ every morning and night alongside her regular moisturizer, and recorded her skin's progress in a daily test diary.

The results are in...

  • 75 percent of panelists agreed that their skin felt softer after three days
  • 85 percent agreed that it looked more radiant after ten days
  • 80 percent told that their skin felt plumper, with a reduction the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, by the end of the test.

"On the tenth day I noticed a dramatic difference, particularly on my brow and cheeks - my skin was glowing, even in the morning before I applied makeup. By the end of the trial, it looked significantly fresher and more alive" ~ Aimee Greenacre

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