Can MitoQ Reverse Aging?

CEO Greg Macpherson's insightful interview with Bellus Magazine, in their latest 'Health and Beauty' article below. Big bold claims are common in the beauty industry. But the international buzz about the science behind one new product is putting it in the spotlight, for a wide range of possible health benefits. 

A New Zealand skincare company’s “anti-aging serum” may prove useful in treating a host of other conditions that go far beyond the rewards of a more youthful appearance. That’s why, around the world, major research organizations have been studying MitoQ. CEO Greg Macpherson explains why the National Institute on Aging wants to evaluate a skin cream.

Macpherson: We launched our range with a cosmeceutical product, because you can see the effect if you put it right on your skin.

What is a Cosmeceutical?

Macpherson: A nutraceutical is a nutritional product that supports cell function, and a cosmeceutical is a subset of that -a cosmetic or skincare product that supports healthy skin cell function.

Your formula appears to herald a major breakthrough in anti-aging techniques and skincare.

Macpherson: It’s a real breakthrough. We have found a way to deliver important antioxidants into the mitochondria, as it has never been done before.

What are mitochondria?

Macpherson: Mitochondria are tiny organelles, in almost all of our cells that are responsible for generating the energy our cells need to operate. Mitochondria are teeming with antioxidants when we are young, but as we age, antioxidant levels decline. This is a health issue, because as part of the energy generation process, mitochondria generate 90-95% of the free radicals in our cells, and if there are not enough antioxidants in the mitochondria to combat them, then they become damaged and decline in function. This is a big issue for our cells for two reasons: One- they become starved for energy and don’t work as well, and Two- free radicals leak into the cell and start to damage cell components.

If we age at a cellular level, how do we ‘recharge our cells?’

Macpherson: If you consider your mitochondria to be your cellular batteries, and that we need them to work at optimal levels, like when we were young, then MitoQ is kind of like a battery ‘re-charger’ that tunes up your mitochondria and helps them deliver more youthful levels of energy to your cells. It gives your cells the energy to do all they are meant to do, and this can help organs function as they did when you were younger, and generally slow down the aging process.

MitoQ Mitochondria

Much of the science seems to focus on your use of the co-enzyme, Q10.

Macpherson: It’s because regular CoQ10, or ubiquinone and ubiquinol products, don’t really get much CoQ10 into the mitochondria at all. There is no mechanism to transport CoQ10 across the double membrane that surrounds the mitochondria.

What’s the difference between MitoQ and taking traditional CoQ supplements?

Macpherson: MitoQ solved the problem of getting more CoQ10 into the mitochondria by adding a positive charge to the CoQ10. Because mitochondria are negatively charged, MitoQ is drawn into the mitochondria  hundreds of  times more than regular CoQ10 supplements, and ultimately, this means we can increase the mitochondria’s antioxidant capacity to a younger level. More than 200 published research papers demonstrate the benefit to the cell when mitochondria function is improved by MitoQ.

Does this mean beauty really is only skin-deep?

Macpherson: I think the definition of beauty has shifted to being vibrantly healthy in both mind and body. MitoQ can enhance this by bringing back a feeling of youthful levels of energy and health, on the outside and the inside.

Do you use MitoQ yourself?

Macpherson: I have used MitoQ daily for the last three years, and will continue to take it for life because of the benefits to my health. It took around three months to notice the full effects- more energy, more endurance, and a sense of enhanced brain function. Overall, a feeling of general good health and mood. Our philosophy is, ‘Your face is our billboard.’

The U.S National Institute on Aging wants to study MitoQ?

Macpherson: There is a theory of aging that suggests that mitochondria are integral to the aging process. Because MitoQ is such an effective supplement in optimizing mitochondrial function, it is the perfect supplement to test this theory. The NIA has just begun a multi-year, multi-center study to assess MitoQ’s effect on mitochondria and how that impacts the aging process. This includes both how healthy we are as we age, our health-span, as well as the impact on how long we live, or our lifespan. Only a few supplements have ever been selected for this anti-aging program. We feel that it’s an honor for MitoQ to be chosen by the NIA to be part of this research.

Is there hope that the benefits from treatments like MitoQ might help fight ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Macpherson: Mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with many common conditions that affect our heart, brain, liver, lungs, and kidneys -all our organs. Because of this, MitoQ, by assisting mitochondrial function, is considered an excellent supplement to help people who have health issues associated with these organs. It’s good for healthy people, too. Especially those over 40, as mitochondria naturally decline in function as we age, and MitoQ can help arrest that decline so that our organs have more energy and less stress from free radicals leaking into our cells and causing damage.

Will potential customers need to see their doctors to obtain MitoQ?

Macpherson: It’s always a good idea to discuss with your doctor any supplements that you take so they can see the full picture of your health. But MitoQ is available online at, and can be purchased by anybody, around the world.

Can we expect to see doctors prescribing MitoQ on ‘The Housewives of Beverly Hills?’

Macpherson: We have a number of Doctors in Beverly Hills recommending MitoQ, so we think it is already happening. When a product like MitoQ with such good science becomes available it really is a no brainer.

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