Lorraine Downes Shares Wellness and Beauty Tips

Last Updated: June 11, 2019 | 1 minute read

How the former Miss Universe switches up her wellness routine during the balmy summer months.

Our New Zealand MitoQ Ambassador Lorraine Downes lists her New Year wellness and beauty tips with the team at Viva Magazine for their January 2019 issue. Lorraine talks about her daily supplementation regime, how she protects herself from the harsh 'Kiwi' sun and why hydration is a key component of maintaining clear skin, especially in warmer climes when you’re more likely to sweat.


“I choose MitoQ because of the high quality of its powerful CoQ10 antioxidant. Since taking MitoQ skincare supplements, I have really noticed that my sun spots have lightened,” explains Lorraine, who was named as MitoQ’s New Zealand ambassador in 2018 and likes that the company draws on scientific research.

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