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New type of antioxidant improves cell function.

MitoQ is a patented mitochondria-targeted antioxidant that was discovered right here in New Zealand. Ten years ago, the MitoQ compound was invented at the University of Otago by the head of biochemistry Rob Smith and mitochondrial specialist Michael Murphy. It was discovered by these scientists, while they were searching for compounds to treat liver and brain diseases.

Dr Smith and Dr Murphy were looking to correct the levels of oxidative stress in cells and the energy imbalances that occur in these diseases.

MitoQ Featured in New Zealand Doctor Magazine

What they found was a way to support mitochondria which, in turn, had benefits for the whole cell and slowed down the process normally associated with ageing. A decade later; millions of dollars has gone into research, plus 180 independent research papers have been published on the positive benefits of MitoQ. MitoQ has been shown to provide effective support for many degenerative conditions.

The cell's power source- mitochondria

Every cell in our body is powered by tiny organelles, a unit within a cell with a specific function, called mitochondria.  These organelles take in glucose and oxygen and convert it into the energy our cells need to function.

Mitochondria are also the cell leaders; they coordinate cell communication, death and growth. They use antioxidants to fight the effects of free radical damage and oxidation. Mitochondria are essential to keeping your body healthy.

But as you get older, the microscopic mitochondria age as well, with their natural antioxidant supply declining. Around 200 diseases are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction, which arise from mitochondria not being able to fight off free radicals as well as they used to. Oxidative stress starts to damage the body's cells, making us look and feel older.

Adaption of CoQ10

Before MitoQ was discovered, the best way to support mitochondria was with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), the mitochondria's natural antioxidant. But no product could deliver antioxidants directly to the mitochondria, until now.

MitoQ is the world's first antioxidant to directly target mitochondria, the body's cellular power source.

MitoQ is , simply put, CoQ10 with a positive charge. This positive charge is attracted to the negatively- charged mitochondria, flooding the organelles with the natural antioxidant and restoring their antioxidant capacity to youthful levels.

MitoQ corrects the energy "imbalance" in the cells, increasing the energy available to every cell in your body, helping your mitochondria to do their job the way you used to when they were young.

Backed by over a decade of independent research, MitoQ has been found to be 847 times more effective than other CoQ10 formulas.


Nothing has been as effective

Many positive stories from MitoQ users can be found on the MitoQ website, including one from 70-year-old Rick Greene from the US.

Mr Greene had been on antibiotics for a year because his breathing was so bad. Being 70, he feared his condition would only get worse. Then he tried MitoQ.

"After only three days , I felt better than I had in six years. Everyone tells me that I look so healthy," Mr Greene says.

"I've been taking supplements for 20 years, nothing has been as effective and fast acting as MitoQ. What you say about its benefits is true; it's miraculous."

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