MitoQ - 'Miracle' Anti-Aging brand promises to be hundreds of times more effective than others on the market...

Published Date: August 30, 2018

MitoQ discovered by scientists researching liver disease Antioxidant launched in UK, in both pill and cream form claims to slow down the aging process and boost energy levels some scientific research supports claims, but others remain doubtful.

So called ‘miracle’ anti-aging products and creams are ten a penny these days and promise various extreme results using a variety of weird and wonderful ingredients.

However, the science behind such products is often extremely dubious, with some claims boarding on ludicrous.

Now another 'fountain of youth' has hit the market – this time in the form of both a supplement and a cream - and appears to have some fairly impressive evidence backing up its promise to slow down the aging process.

In fact the targeted antioxidant, MitoQ claims to be hundreds of times more effective than other antioxidants at replenishing skin, reducing wrinkles, as well as restoring energy levels and fighting fatigue and promoting optimal organ health.

MitoQ 5mg

MitoQ was discovered by scientists working on treatments for liver disease at Otago University in New Zealand and after over a decade of research, MitoQ dietary supplement capsules have now been launched in the UK. 

It is said to work by targeting the mitochondria (the ‘batteries’ in the body’s cells), helping to restore the damaging free radicals that accumulate there and in turn slow down the aging process as it is these free radicals that cause skin to age and can even lead to a variety of diseases.

MitoQ’s active ingredient is Q, a powerful form of antioxidant and the active component of the body’s own organic antioxidant system CoQ. 

Skin starts to age from when a person reaches 20, because the body’s ability to defend cells deteriorates over time and that’s when the harmful free radicals overwhelm the body.

MitoQ claims to work against this process by replenishing and supporting the body’s antioxidants, which help protect against free radicals and therefore lessen the damage to skin cells.

MitoQ 'miracle' anti-aging skincare

Skin starts to age from when a person reaches 20, because the body's cellular defence systems deteriorate over time

However, not everyone is convinced that MitoQ, whatever its medical uses, will make any difference to the visible signs of aging.

Beauty expert Elsa McAlonan says: 'It has long been acknowledged that antioxidants in skincare, or taken internally in tablets or in our daily diets, can help improve our health and can show in the condition of our skin.

'There are many skincare products that are 'packed with antioxidants' already, so there is nothing ground-breaking about this - it seems to me to be another ploy to get us to part with money.

'Any skincare expert will tell you that the best way to hold back the years is to stay out of the sun, drink plenty of water and use a good balanced skincare routine. Diet is key and many world famous skin doctors, like Dr Howard Murad and Dr Nicholas Perricone, have always championed the importance of a sensible diet with plenty of antioxidants and have very successful skincare ranges to target a multitude of issues, especially anti-aging.' 

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