MitoQ Skin Support is Sweet Relief For Stressed Skin

Stress is inevitable. Whether it’s daily stressors chipping away at us or a big, life-changing experience that rocks us to our core, stress isn’t just giving us agita and making us irritable. This natural physical and mental reaction can wreak havoc on our faces and bodies, aging us faster than a lifetime of smoking and bad eating habits.

MitoQ Skin Support Complex as Seen in New Beauty Magazine

MitoQ as Seen in New Beauty Magazine

In the latest issue of New Beauty Magazine, they break down what is happening to your skin, hair, nails, teeth and body as a result of this stress. 

55% of adults in the U.S. say they experience “a lot” of daily stress, compared with just 35 percent globally
Source: 2019 Gallup Poll

How our skin responds to stress is particularly interesting, Although we may live in a skin-care obsessed culture, according to New York dermatologist Julie Russak, MD, our body hasn’t caught on yet:

“Our skin, hair and nails are of the lowest importance to our survival,” she says. 

“So, at times of stress, valuable vitamins and minerals are prioritized for our body’s vital metabolic processes and the production of stress hormones. Skin is an external barometer of what is happening internally, and we often see dull skin at times of fatigue and stress.”  A dull complexion is the least of our worries—we can also expect more lines and wrinkles, too. 

But there is some sweet relief

New Beauty put together a selection of their Skin Savers. These skin savers and mindfulness miracle workers can help us calm our nerves and achieve a better mood, better skin and better sleep. Our MitoQ Skin Support Complex was included in their selection.

MitoQ Skin Support Complex in New Beauty Magazine


MitoQ Skin Support Complex is a unique formula designed to support and nourish all three layers of the skin, helping skin cells thrive from the inside out.

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