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Your year of great skin with Shape Magazine

The in-depth piece includes expert commentary from Dr. Bank on how to keep skin looking young and fresh during the winter months, and he points out that readers should “give skin an energy boost by re-charging the mitochondria, which act as...
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Skin Deep: Inside Job - American Spa

In an effort to provide clients with more than just pampering and relaxation, many of today’s spas have also incorporated health and wellness offerings, such as nutrition consultations, fitness classes, and oral-based beauty-enhancing supplements...
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MitoQ Is In Pharmacies Now!

Why does every cell in my body feel so shattered? A: If this feels like you, recharge with MitoQ.
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MitoQ as seen in New Zealand Doctor December issue

New type of antioxidant improves cell function. MitoQ is a patented mitochondria-targeted antioxidant that was discovered right here in New Zealand. Ten years ago, the MitoQ compound was invented at the University of Otago by the head of...
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MitoQ antioxidant technology as seen in Focus Magazine

The mitoquinol molecule is the newest patented  antioxidant to hit the U.S market through the breakthrough anti-aging face cream MitoQ. MitoQ is considered the most powerful antioxidant on the market to date and has been proved to be hundreds of...
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MitoQ as seen in AZ sports and lifestyle November issue

MitoQ is a targeted antioxidant dietary supplement that replenishes the CoQ10 antioxidant levels in the mitochondria, and in doing so assists the cell with repair and regular function.
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MitoQ is featured in MiNDFOOD Magazine

MiNDFOOD Oct issue is featuring MitoQ - an Otago University discovery is now a world-leading anti-aging serum.
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MitoQ as seen in Woman's Running Magazine

MitoQ Serum recently featured in Woman's Running Magazine. MitoQ Serum treats and prevents oxidative damage to cells by delivering powerful antioxidants directly to mitochondria.
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MitoQ as seen in Dermascope Magazine

This article was originally published in Dermascope magazine. MitoQ's Cellular Energizing Cream Serum is a scientific breakthrough in the anti-aging facial skin care market.  It features an antioxidant that is hundreds of times more potent than...
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What's Hollywoods latest secret to looking younger?!

What makes MitoQ different than any other "anti-aging" labeled product is that this product is not actually labeled anti-aging because it's all about the science behind the labels!
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