The human body contain trillions of cells. Inside each of them are huge numbers of tiny, energy-producing power plants called “mitochondria”.

From blinking to thinking, walking to talking, we use ATP for almost everything we do. Healthy mitochondria produce enormous amounts of ATP and at the same time, ATP provides the enormous amounts of energy for the processes and reactions that help keep our cells healthy and vital.

With all this energy production however, there is a battle raging on inside our cells. This is because when mitochondria produce ATP, they also produce damaging by-products known as free radicals. Luckily our mitochondria and cells are packed with antioxidants which can neutralize excess free radicals before they do too much damage.

However, as we age, or when we are unwell, our antioxidant supply diminishes, and the free radicals start to take their toll on the membranes, proteins and DNA in our cells. Over the years, this ongoing damage can lead to reduced cellular energy, cellular repair and organ function.

This is known as “oxidative stress”, which can contribute to the visible signs of aging and a large number of health conditions.

Even though our natural antioxidant supply decreases over time, it’s good to know that we can help reduce our oxidative stress levels. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and avoiding toxins and environmental stresses all help in this regard, but science does have one more trick up its sleeve.

MitoQ® is a true breakthrough as it is the only CoQ10 antioxidant which can effectively target and recharge our own cellular batteries, mitochondria. MitoQ® neutralizes harmful free radicals at the source before they get the chance to get out and damage our cells.

The result is significantly lower levels of oxidative stress, meaning our cells can get on with their job of producing all the energy we need to keep us healthy and active.

By adding MitoQ® to your balanced lifestyle, you can begin to put the brakes on the aging process and feel younger for longer.

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