Our eyes are complex organs made of dozens of different structures. Capable of detecting up to 10 million colors, our eyes can also detect pressure and are important in regulating our circadian rhythm or “body clock”. Our eyes are extremely sensitive, and it is thought they can even detect a single photon of light. A very large area of the brain, known as the visual cortex, is responsible for receiving and translating information from the eyes into what we know as vision, highlighting the importance of this amazing sense.

There are many health conditions which can affect the eye, and the most significant outcome of these is loss of sight, or “visual impairment”. Other common eye conditions can certainly be debilitating; however, they do not have the devastating effect on a person’s quality of life and ability to function day to day as is seen with a loss of vision. The World Health Organisation estimates that up to 1 billion people across the world are affected by some form of vision loss, but thankfully that 80% of this is preventable or treatable.

Mitochondria are tiny organelles found in almost all our cells, and they’re responsible for generating the energy our cells need to function. Mitochondria are also crucial to proper cell growth and play many other important roles within the cell. When mitochondria produce this energy, they produce free radicals as a by-product.  Excess free radicals can damage the mitochondrial membrane causing the mitochondria to not function properly any more. This can also allow more free radicals to leak out into the cell and damage other cellular components, including DNA. 90% of all free radicals are produced by mitochondria

The cells in our eyes, especially those in our retinas, contain millions upon millions of mitochondria to power the chemical and electrical reactions responsible for our sense of vision. Our delicate retinas are especially susceptible to free radical damage caused by poorly functioning mitochondria and it can lead to potentially serious long-term conditions which affect the quality and acuity of our vision. By restoring the antioxidant capacity of our mitochondria, the vast majority of free radical damage can be quenched, and because our cells are excellent at repairing themselves, the body can even start to reverse the damage that has been done.

MitoQ® Eye is a revolutionary eye health formula based on decades of clinical research. MitoQ® Eye combines pharmaceutical-grade plant extracts, vitamins and minerals with the world’s only mitochondria-targeted antioxidant to support optimum eye health. Ground-breaking MitoQ® antioxidant technology targets free radical-producing mitochondria in the eye to reduce oxidative damage at the source. Mirtogenol® Bilberry/Pycnogenol complex supports normal eye fluid pressure, tear production and good capillary health. MitoQ® Eye also contains FloraGLO® Lutein and OPTISHARP® Zeaxanthin, crucial protective components of the retina which decline with age. Taken daily, MitoQ® Eye supports normal vision, eye health and retinal function.

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