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Blood Sugar Health

Blood sugar levels describe the amount of glucose present in your blood stream. Glucose is a basic form of sugar and is the primary building block of more complex carbohydrates. Glucose is also your body’s primary source of energy. It is absorbed by almost every cell in your body and combined with oxygen in our mitochondria to form a special molecule called ATP. In turn, ATP powers your cellular machinery, allowing your cells to perform their thousands of specialized functions and keep you fit and healthy.

Your body regulates your blood sugar levels very carefully to keep them as steady as possible and this fine tuning is controlled by hormones such as insulin, which is responsible for absorbing blood glucose into your cells for use. The most common irregularity in blood sugar levels is when they are persistently too high. Known as “hyperglycemia”, it is most commonly caused by the body’s cells becoming resistant to the action of insulin. When you are hyperglycemic, you experience fatigue and reduced energy due to the lower uptake of glucose to fuel your cells. Over time, hyperglycemia can have serious effects on your health including damage to many critical organs such as the heart, kidneys and liver. It can also damage nerves leading to eye problems, persistent pain and reduced mental function.

MitoQ® Blood Sugar is a special formulation of ingredients designed to help you keep your blood sugar within normal levels. It contains patented MitoQ®, a revolutionary form of CoQ10 that is able to penetrate mitochondria hundreds of times better than regular CoQ10. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to insulin resistance, so taking MitoQ helps to ensure your mitochondria are functioning optimally so they can metabolize your blood sugar into the ATP your cells need. MitoQ® Blood Sugar also contains cinnamon, chromium picolibate and zinc, all-important cardiovascular support ingredients with decades of scientific research behind them.

In conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise, MitoQ® Blood Sugar can help you keep your blood sugar within normal levels and reap the benefits that this can bring.