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Brain Health

The human brain contains around 100 billion nerve cells, or neurons, and many times that number of support cells. Each neuron can communicate with over 10,000 other neurons making our brains the most complex structures in the known universe. Our brains are the central command system for our entire bodies and are responsible for controlling learning and memory, our senses and movement, and regulating our organs and life support systems.

Neurons are made up of a cell body and a nerve fiber through which electrical pulses are sent. Healthy nerve fibers are similar to electrical cables, and have an insulating layer around them called myelin. When a neuron sends a pulse down its fiber, chemical signals called neurotransmitters are released from the other end of the fiber. These signals interact with other cells, perhaps telling muscles to contract, or communicating with other neurons.

There are a large number of conditions that can affect the health of our nervous systems, and these are known as neurological disorders. These conditions can reduce our control over our muscles and organs or can affect our memories and cognitive ability. Neurological conditions can be caused by our genes, other diseases or by injuries and toxins. They can damage the neurons themselves or the insulating layer around our nerve fibers. This results in proper nerve pulses either not being sent, or not getting through to where they are needed.

A large number of neurological conditions have been linked to the health of our mitochondria and the free radical damage that is seen in mitochondrial dysfunction. When our mitochondria are functioning properly, our energy-hungry neurons are able to perform their tasks efficiently and protect themselves from free radical damage. When our mitochondrial function declines due to illness or aging, our neurons don’t get the energy they need to work properly. Free radicals begin to damage the weakened mitochondria and other cell components, as the natural levels of antioxidants in our mitochondria decline.

MitoQ® is a revolution in treating and restoring mitochondrial health and function. MitoQ®’s special CoQ10 antioxidant formulation allows it to actively accumulate within mitochondria at levels hundreds of times higher than standard CoQ10. MitoQ® drastically increases the antioxidant levels within mitochondria helping them to generate all the energy our neurons need, and fight against free radical damage within our cells. Numerous studies have shown that MitoQ® can help treat the mitochondrial dysfunction that has been linked to many neurological conditions.