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Energy Boost

The energy that our cells need to function and grow is produced inside our mitochondria. Known as ATP, this cellular fuel is created from the food we eat and the air that we breathe. When we are young and healthy, our mitochondria produce plenty of ATP which enables us to function optimally and lead active, busy lives.

As we age or when we are sick, our mitochondria become less efficient at mopping up the bad free radicals that are formed when ATP is produced. These free radicals can damage our mitochondria leading to lower production of ATP which means less energy is available for our bodies. We just don’t have the energy reserves we used to, even if we eat well and get enough sleep. When less energy is available to our cells, they become less efficient at neutralizing free radicals and processing waste, and the result is a vicious cycle of ongoing cell damage and reduced energy reserves.

Fortunately, we can help restore our mitochondria’s ability to defend against free radical damage with MitoQ®. MitoQ® is the only antioxidant supplement that actively accumulates within mitochondria themselves, allowing them to efficiently fight against free radical damage and get back to their job of powering our cells. When mitochondria are running at 100%, our cells can not only focus on their main jobs properly, but can also repair themselves from the damage that has been done.

This may help us to feel younger and more active, and helps replenish the energy reserves that we need to live our busy modern lives.