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Matt Y MitoQ Story
Matt Y.

I am a heart attack survivor. At the age of 41, I had an attack that caused minor damage to my heart as I was able to get treatment quickly. I'm now 51 and my heart has never been more healthy. At the urging of my cardiologist, I started taking statins at 41 and shortly thereafter developing muscle aches. She suggested I try CoQ-10 or the reduced form Ubiquinol. I tried both but found Ubiquinol to be more effective for me. Been taking that for 10 years until I discovered MitoQ. In addition to eliminating statin muscle aches, it has changed my energy level in very subtle, but powerful ways. And it didn't happen overnight.

It was after roughly 30 days that I noticed I wasn't yawning during the day. I wasn't crashing in the afternoons. My body felt less fatigued - more "normal" so to speak. Like an engine running on all cylinders. I was able to sustain an energy level that I had lost many years ago.  

The science behind MitoQ is solid and as someone with a background in health sciences, I understand the biochemistry required to make a supplement like this work. And yet everyone is different in how their body responds.

In short, my experience has been to not expect a dramatic shift - like using a drug to unnaturally increase your energy levels for a short period of time (like drinking a Red Bull). This is a return back to healthy normalcy in which you have a sustainable stream of energy that lasts. Thanks, MitoQ for everything!

Disclaimer: MitoQ supplement testimonials may not be typical and individual results may vary.

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