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I Feel As Close To Normal As I Have In Years

Rya-K MitoQ Story
Rya K.

Hello, my name is Rya Kirby, and two or three years ago, I was diagnosed with a neurological condition. I live up in Alaska, and there is only one neurologist within several hundred miles of me, and unless it is a dire emergency, they are not taking any new patients. Luckily my symptoms are not currently very debilitating.

I have been an anti-big-pharmaceutical kinda gal for most of my life. But all liberal sentiments aside, I knew I had to take some proactive measures to maintain my health. Fortunately a pal of mine and I are in the habit of trading info on any new ideas for helping stay healthy, and he sent me a clipping on MitoQ and it's effectiveness in lab studies. So I gave it a go and found that if I take one or two capsules a day, I feel as close to normal as I have in years.

Later on they released the sub-genres of MitoQ, which I love. The first I found was the heart formula, and then when the liver formula came out I was extra excited because, selling wine is a large part of my profession. Anyone who sells wine will tell you, that you gotta drink a fair amount of the stuff to know what you are talking about. My tolerance has decreased pretty drastically since the onset of my condition, but I love my job, and there are many other aspects of it that are helpful for many of my symptoms, and the people I work with are the bulk of my support system. So as much as it might sound like a bad idea to stay in my line of work with the diagnosis, I have made an effort to really emphasize moderation, and I rarely if ever indulge in reds any longer, if I'm having more than just a taste, then I am having white or rose' - all the same, it's easy to lose track of that moderation stuff when you find a real winner!

So my standard regimen is to take one yellow MitoQ daily, and on top of that I like to alternate the heart formula with the liver formula, taking a different one each day.

"But if I wake up with an extra bit of headache or nausea - I go straight for the liver formula and I find that I am ready to go in an hour or so."

Obviously the liver formula is much more than a nifty hang-over cure, and as someone who has been selling wine for over a decade now I get an extra sense of comfort that I might make amends for all of those younger and wilder years as well! Truly, MitoQ in it's various forms has helped me to maintain a happy and healthy life style, and allowed me to keep doing what I love. Thanks, MitoQ! ♥

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