MitoQ® helps fade my aging spots

Mrs. Wang, China

I am a 53 year old woman and I have been using MitoQ for couple of months now. I firstly heard about the brand from my daughter and she has explained the mechanism to me. I was very interested and decided to add MitoQ to my skin care regime.

MitoQ Story Mrs WangI applied MitoQ twice a day and the skin feels soft right after application. After around 2 months of using, I feel that the texture of my skin has improved, it’s getting softer and more radiant. I have had laser treatment on 2 big aging spots pre my MitoQ time but it left slight discolouration in my skin.

MitoQ helps to fade it and some other smaller aging spots (my biggest concern) seem to fade too!

"My friends are now all quite interested in MitoQ and all want to try."

I try to live a healthy lifestyle, eat well and do a lot sports. I have yoga and dancing classes weekly and I swim quite a lot during the summer time. I think the key is to stay young at heart and of course, take very good care of your skin.

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