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The Healing Was Astonishing The Doctors Couldn't Believe It

Sandy Y.
New Zealand

Hi my story is about a major infection I got from a White Tail Spider bite.

Mid January I got a spider bite and I went to A & E who messed me around so the infection from the bacteria spread rapidly through my whole body. I ended up being taken hospital by ambulance and had emergency surgery to clear as much of the infection as possible but unfortunately I ended up with renal failure and a collapsed lung from the infection.

Prior to this happening I had been taking MitoQ supplements and using the skincare for 3 months. As soon as I was released from hospital I started back on MitoQ again but the doctors said I would be along recovery and the scar will need skin grafts.

"Within weeks of being home and back on MitoQ the healing was astonishing the doctors could not believe it."

I have healed so well and quickly with full recovery and have not needed skin grafts. I also have been putting the serum on the scare and that has improved.

Disclaimer: MitoQ supplement testimonials may not be typical and individual results may vary.

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