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We're Very Happy We Found MitoQ

Ruth-Mc MitoQ Story
Ruth Mc.

I first purchased MitoQ for my father. I'm keen reader of health news, and I had read about MitoQ and decided that he (for the benefit of all of us!) should try it. He'd started to slow down.

He's been taking MitoQ for over 9 months now - 2 capsules a day - so you can tell right away that he's a returning, happy customer.

There are a myriad of things I could list as improvements since he started taking this supplement, but the most tangible for the whole family have been his energy (playing with 2 young grandchildren, now rising again at 6am to cook breakfast, listen to the radio, do the crossword and chat with the milkman!) AND his walking speed. My mother has been complaining for months now that she can't keep up with him!

"Overall, he's happier, livelier and more enthusiastic about things than we've seen him in a long while. It seems like it's taken 10 - 15 years off his clock."

The knock-on effect of this has been an improvement in everyone's quality of life. I have happy, lively baby-sitters!, my parents have returned to a long lost hobby of going out to dances on a Saturday night, and they've just booked a spring holiday to a sunny location to lounge around a swimming pool. My dad is 76…

We're very happy we found MitoQ.

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