Everything you need to know about cardio health and your mitochondria



A healthy heart powers a healthy life in both in the short and long term.

If you want to keep your heart healthy then you need to have healthy mitochondria, because your heart is one of the hardest working organs in your body and therefore has high energy needs.



That energy comes from one place – your mitochondria.

Read on to discover how to help maintain healthy mitochondria, and power the health of your heart.

Meet the free radicals

As the mitochondria work to create energy, they produce the antioxidant CoQ10 along with free radicals as part of the natural energy production process.  

Free radicals are unstable atoms that have an unpaired electron in their outer shell, so they whizz around looking to steal their missing electron from the closest stable molecule in their vicinity. This could be a lipid or protein molecule, or a strand of DNA or RNA. Unfortunately, this attacked molecule then becomes a free radical itself, starting a chain reaction of electron-stealing all over the place. 

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that your body makes to neutralize free radicals, and guess where the only place in your body is that produces CoQ10? The mitochondria.

The Science of MitoQ 

Thankfully, there’s something additional you can do to help your cells’ energy production and it only takes 10 seconds a day.

No-brainer, right? MitoQ is a New Zealand innovation and the first and only supplement able to enter the mitochondria and work to re-energize them by helping to neutralize free radicals.

As a super-targeted form of CoQ10, MitoQ penetrates the mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10 supplements, giving your heart cells the energy they need to keep you powering through life.   


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