Gunnar Peterson's power tips series

Although 2020 has been challenging, we feel extremely lucky to work alongside people who inspire us daily to push forward, stay resilient and power others. MitoQ Ambassador Gunnar Peterson is one of these people.

an image of Gunnar Peterson in his gym located in LA

As former Director of Strength and Endurance for the LA Lakers, Gunnar brings maximum energy and passion to everything he does. We’re excited to take you behind the scenes into his L.A. gym for tips on how to power up your training.

Why Gunnar takes MitoQ

While most of us are still asleep, Gunnar’s jam-packed day starts at 4.30am and involves training clients back-to-back who need him at his best. Keeping his tank full not only helps him get more out of life, it also helps him give more to others. Gunnar uses MitoQ to help him stay on form, so he can continually show up with maximum energy.

Read on for five quick-tip videos showing you how to power up like Gunnar!

Tip 1- The best cardio

“Find what you like, because you’re more likely to do it.”

Building healthy habits it tough, but even tougher when forcing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy. It takes a lot of trial and error, but when you find the training activities you love, building them into your day-to-day life becomes that much easier.

Tip 2 - Squat form

Why does Gunnar Peterson have a toilet in his gym you ask?

Training, like any habit done consistently, is a practice. The more we practice, the better we get which translates to improvements in how we carry out our daily activities – even doing squats over a toilet! Similarly, supporting our cellular energy levels with MitoQ has a flow on effect to optimizing performance in other key areas of our lives.

Tip 3 - The bicep rope

Gunnar likes to bring maximum energy to everything he does, whether it’s being a dad, training the LA Lakers or doing a bicep rope pull. Next time you’re doing a bicep rope pull, keep your elbows up and show it who’s boss!

Tip 4 - The step up

“Lift your leg first because it fires the core and stomp with power.”

We're inspired by the passion Gunnar Peterson brings to the way he trains himself and his clients; every move is optimized and powered to the max.

Tip 5 - The rope pull

MitoQ fans know that pushing through challenges is worth it for the reward you get on the other side. Gunnar shares the same ethos – that good health takes hard work, but the payoff to all aspects of your life makes it worthwhile. Just like when you're taking on a rope pull, if you keep your base steady, you're better placed to (and get more out of) take on the tough tasks.

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