All our products contain our world-first, mitochondria targeted CoQ10

antioxidant to support healthy energy levels, mental focus and overall well-being.


MitoQ® 5mg Triple pack

A full three-month's supply of our original breakthrough MitoQ® formula.

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MitoQ® 5mg

The original breakthrough formula supporting energy and key organ health.

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MitoQ® Skin Support Complex

A unique formula designed to support and nourish all three layers of your skin.

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What is MitoQ®?

MitoQ® is a world-first, mitochondria-targeted CoQ10 antioxidant, which is absorbed through the mitochondrial membrane and directly into the body of the mitochondria, hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10 supplements.

Mitochondria use MitoQ® to re-line the mitochondrial membrane, helping to maintain its structural integrity and support the defensive barrier. This means that free radicals can be neutralized, and their levels can be contained, delivering a double benefit:

- normal energy production continues unaffected; and

- the risk of harm to our delicate cell equipment can be reduced.

MitoQ® is the most-studied mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant. To date, over $60 million of independent research and over 400 peer-reviewed articles have been published, successfully testing MitoQ® across a range of health-related applications.

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