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Penetrates your mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10 supplements.

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What Is Mitochondrial Health?

Do you remember learning about mitochondria in high school biology class?  If you do, you’ll recall that mitochondria are the tiny power plants inside our cells, converting the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe into the fuel that our tissues and organs need to work.  You’ll also remember that mitochondria work hard to protect our cells from any damage, helping us maintain our health and well-being. 

Quite simply, mitochondria are essential to life.

The world is waking up to the importance of mitochondrial health.  It has become increasingly evident that our overall health and well-being and even how fast we age, are closely related to how well our mitochondria are performing.  

The good news is that you can now access our groundbreaking science to help you target the health of your mitochondria, helping them thrive and you to stay on top of your game. 

Because when your cells are energized, productive and resilient, so are you.

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Why Mitochondria Are Important To Our Health

Mitochondria are one of the most important components of a cell.  Without them, many crucial biochemical processes, which are essential to life, simply would not happen – such as the process by which food and oxygen is converted into energy.

However, like the polluting exhaust generated by a fuel-burning engine, mitochondrial energy production creates waste products called free radicals.  If free radical levels are not contained, they can damage delicate cell equipment.  When free radicals overwhelm our cells, our body is in a state known as oxidative stress, which is known to be a precursor to many serious health conditions.

The good news is that mitochondria are clever: they stack themselves with a naturally-produced antioxidant called CoQ10 and use it to neutralize free radicals, minimizing any negative impact on energy production, as well as potential damage to the cells.

There is growing awareness of the critical role mitochondria play in our lives.  We need to look after them as much as possible. 

What is MitoQ®?

MitoQ 5mg

MitoQ® is a world-first, mitochondria-targeted CoQ10 antioxidant, which is absorbed through the mitochondrial membrane and directly into the body of the mitochondria, hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10 supplements.

Mitochondria use MitoQ® to re-line the mitochondrial membrane, helping to maintain its structural integrity and support the defensive barrier.  This means that free radicals can be neutralized, and their levels can be contained, delivering a double benefit:

- normal energy production continues unaffected; and

- the risk of harm to our delicate cell equipment can be reduced.

MitoQ® is the most-studied mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant.  To date, over $50 million of independent research and over 300 peer-reviewed articles have been published, successfully testing MitoQ® across a range of health-related applications.

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