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MitoQ - Breakthrough Cellular Science

MitoQ - Breakthrough Cellular Science

At MitoQ, we want to awaken the world to the knowledge that healthy mitochondria can enable you to achieve your dreams and goals, whatever they may be. We believe that with powerful mitochondria, everyone can optimize their health and wellbeing to live better, do more of what’s important to them and maintain high performance for longer.

Our story began with the aim of creating a better, more effective antioxidant that could significantly help human health. Our world-first breakthrough MitoQ did just that, and then we gave it to the global health community to help research its benefits and tell us its potential. We are one of the first health companies to ever do this. The research has been incredible and continues to confirm that this revolutionary molecule has the ability to meaningfully improve quality of life. Now we want to spread the word.

Initial Research

The MitoQ story began in a science lab at the University of Otago, New Zealand in the 1990s. Biochemist, Robin Smith and Mitochondrial Specialist, Michael Murphy, were studying mitochondria and trying to understand why taking antioxidant supplements, like CoQ10, were proving to be ineffective cures for certain diseases.

What they discovered was that regular CoQ10 supplements were too big to penetrate the very selective mitochondrial wall and whilst these supplements got into the blood-stream, they were unable to get into the mitochondria itself.

So, our scientists set about trying to create molecules that could accumulate directly inside the mitochondria and in doing so, create a more effective and powerful antioxidant.

The MitoQ Discovery

The result of this research was a remarkable discovery: the scientists figured out how to create a shortened version of CoQ10 and give it a positive charge; the effect of these modifications were unique:

1. The new, positively charged molecule was instantly attractive to the negatively charged mitochondria; and

2. As a result of being a smaller compound, the molecule was able to pass directly through the mitochondrial wall and into the body of the mitochondria.

This provided a payload of free radical defense right where it was needed most and as a result, helped to support the cell and optimize the energy production process.

The discovery was initially called MitoQ10.  Today, it is known as MitoQ.

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2012 / 2013
MitoQ For Sale

Our first product, MitoQ Cellular Energizing Cream Serum, was launched in Paris in 2012.

A year later saw the development of our supplement range, beginning with MitoQ 5mg (original) – the world’s first antioxidant supplement to directly target the mitochondria.

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2015 / 2016
New Formulas

From there, we realized that MitoQ could be combined with additional ingredients, presenting a unique opportunity to target specific aspects of health and well-being. Our range was expanded to include new formulas, combining our base MitoQ product, with some carefully selected, premium ingredients, such as Longvida® Curcumin - to support healthy brain and digestive function, Siliphos Milk Thistle – to support healthy liver function; and Green Lip Mussel Extract – to support healthy joint function.

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Advanced Skincare Range

In 2017, our Advanced Skincare Range was introduced using world renowned skincare ingredients from Sederma to target overall skin health.

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The world is now waking up to the importance of mitochondrial health and the remarkable discovery of MitoQ.
Decades Of Research
Decades Of Research

World-first, advanced and patented antioxidant technology with over two decades of research.

$60 Million Invested In MitoQ
$60 Million Invested

Received over $60 million dollars of independent research development investment.

MitoQ Peer Reviewed Papers
600+ Peer Reviewed Papers

Over 600 published, peer-reviewed papers from the world's leading research institutions.

Mike Murphy

“We need energy to do the work of cells—our muscle cells, brain cells, kidney cells—everything needs energy.”

MitoQ co-originator Dr. Mike Murphy

Meet the MitoQ Executive Team

Mahara Inglis

"I take a combination of the MitoQ Joint and MitoQ +Curcumin. I have a very busy life where I am constantly trying to balance work demands, family commitments and staying fit. I find that MitoQ gives me the energy to stay on top of everything I need to do, it helps to keep me healthy so I have less downtime, and it fights the onset of aging so that I can stay at my prime for longer. In particular I find that my increased energy means I can be fully engaged and focused on whatever I have in front of me – be it writing board reports, playing with the kids, or going for a trail run."

Kate Gardiner
Chief Financial Officer

"I take MitoQ Joint. I like the assurance that I’m taking a groundbreaking cellular antioxidant but also having a top class Green Lipped Mussel extract thrown into the mix is great. I get the mental clarity I need to help support MitoQ grow as a business, and support for my joints (particularly good after I workout – I can now plank for 60 seconds!). It’s good to know that those antioxidants are keeping my cells working really well as I get into my 50’s, supporting healthy aging to get me get the most out of my friends, family and my career."

John Marshall
Chief Marketing Officer

"As a husband, a parent, a busy professional and an avid cyclist, my life is always full and fast, so I need to make sure the tank is topped up and purring nicely.  I take MitoQ +Curcumin and MitoQ Heart, to give my cells a super-charged hit of MitoQ, plus some additional ingredients to help support my cardio health and mobility.  Since taking MitoQ I have experienced more energy and improved recovery, both of which I have been able to translate into greater focus, workload and performance - both on and off the bike. MitoQ is now an essential part of my daily routine; I consider it my cell mate."

Zoe Li
Head of China Sales

As a leader, performer, do-it-yourself-er and a self-less daughter, I live life with a very busy schedule. I have no time to be run down or take a day off so to manage my daily routine it is essential that I have sustainable energy levels. I have taken MitoQ “Two capsules, once a day, every day” as a non-negotiable for four years now. I love every one of the products but at the moment I am taking MitoQ Skin Support Complex as I want to give my skin extra nutrition and protection during the harsh New Zealand winter. I am in my 30’s now and as I look back, I am surprised by how much I have achieved and am excited about what my 40’s will bring. Taking MitoQ is definitely going to be one of my biggest supports along the way.

Will Stow
Chief Science Officer

"I like to vary which MitoQ product I take, and that means I’m often taking two products at once. MitoQ 5mg is my go-to but I also really enjoy MitoQ Eye, and MitoQ Skin Protection Complex as these formulae have great ingredients which are really synergistic with MitoQ. I take MitoQ because it really helps me get the most out of my day and it gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m investing in my future health by limiting the complications of ongoing free radical production in the best way possible."

Donna Marris
Business Development Executive

"With three 20+ year old boys, a busy job requiring me to push the boundaries mentally and a high priority to keep as fit as possible, my go-to MitoQ product is MitoQ Brain. With the energy-powering MitoQ plus the additional ingredients to support mental focus, I love what I can achieve in a day!  I enjoy being an inspiration to many of my friends who, like me, want to continue to drive their own mental and physical performance and keep ahead of the game. My family is super important to me, and I love that I’m still a “go to” mum for my boys when they need a team player for that physical game or want some mental clarity that age and wisdom can provide! I believe I made a step change when I started taking MitoQ and am very grateful to be part of the MitoQ family."

At MitoQ, we are passionate about helping people revitalize, re-energize and rejuvenate every cell in their body, so they can thrive in their world. And for less than the price of a good cup of coffee per day, anyone can benefit from the amazing long-term properties of MitoQ and have confidence that they are doing the best they can for their health.

MitoQ Team 2020

The Science Behind MitoQ

Mitochondria are the tiny power stations inside your trillions of cellswhich generate the energy you need to function effectively. 

While ordinary CoQ10 supplements struggle to enter the mitochondria and be of benefitour world-first antioxidant molecule MitoQ is different… 

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