the science
the potential for better health is inside you, learn how MitoQ unlocks it
01. cells
cells are life
You are a unique collection of 37 trillion cells.

These tiny, beautiful structures form your heart, brain, even tastebuds. Every thought, feeling and action starts in your cells.

To be your best you need to care for them. This starts in the smallest of places.

02. mitochondria
powering cells
Floating inside your cells are thousands of mitochondria, cellular powerhouses, pulsing with chemical energy.

They control the activity in cells, have their own DNA and can even replicate.

But most importantly, mitochondria transform your food and oxygen into bioenergy, fuelling cellular health and regeneration.

03. free radicals
balancing act

In creating this energy, mitochondria emit free radicals… highly reactive fragments of oxygen and nitrogen.

Low levels of free radicals aren’t bad, they can clear damage and fight infections.

When you’re young, mitochondria control excess free radicals in cells by producing natural antioxidants.

But with age, your antioxidant levels start to naturally decline and uncontrolled free radicals can begin to overwhelm mitochondria.

The healthy balance inside your cells shifts.

04. cell stress
tipping points
Life pressures, low quality sleep, too little (or too much) exercise, UV rays, pollution, chemicals, smoking, excess alcohol, processed food, even some medicines.

All of these things erode the natural antioxidant defenses of your mitochondria, allowing free radicals to overflow into cells.

When this happens, damage and destruction is caused at a cellular level, throughout your body. This is cell stress.

You’ll feel it in the smallest things, like when you can’t remember a word. Or in the big things, like keeping up with your friends, your kids, your grandchildren.

Your mitochondria need help.

That’s where MitoQ’s cell health technology is a game-changer.

05. mitoq
positive attraction
Mitochondria have impermeable walls which common antioxidant supplements (such as CoQ10 and ubiquinol) cannot effectively penetrate.

The MitoQ breakthrough was to harness the power of positive attraction.

We invented a very small and positively-charged advanced antioxidant which is electro-chemically attracted into the mitochondria - literally pulled inside.

There, MitoQ is scientifically proven to boost mitochondria’s ability to balance free radicals and combat cell stress.

As you take MitoQ each morning, you’re delivering an incredible 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 MitoQ molecules to mitochondria throughout your body.

06. optimized cells
ripple effect
MitoQ is like a time machine for your cells, helping them work as they did when you were younger.

This is the beginning of a positive cascade effect in your body and your life.

MitoQ-enhanced cells are more likely to replicate to form newer, healthier cells, which already benefit from the incorporated effects of MitoQ.

With your mitochondria working optimally, trillions of cells can now be at their best, giving you energy, resilience and health.

07. 90 days
a new dawn

Most people begin feeling results after taking MitoQ for 90 days. Others will feel it even sooner.

MitoQ adds life to your years so that you can make a difference to your loved ones, your communities - and the world.