Why triathlete Hannah Wells takes MitoQ

Since Hannah began taking MitoQ in 2020, she has noticed it supports her energy levels and training sessions.

Hannah Wells

Professional athlete Hannah Wells doesn’t do anything half-hearted. She’s a New Zealand Ironman champion, full-time triathlete – and she holds a Ph.D. in biotech engineering. Before launching into a career as a full-time triathlete in 2017, Hannah balanced her career as post-doctoral research fellow alongside a rigorous training schedule. When she first heard about MitoQ, she became curious about it from both an athletic and scientific perspective.

As is typical of MitoQ fans, Hannah aims high. When many of her competitors might have been fully focused on training for their athletic careers, she was finishing top of her class with a Biotech Engineering (Hons) degree at Massey University. From there, she was offered a position to carry out a Ph.D. in the area of collagen materials – an offer she happily accepted. It was at the start of her undergraduate studies that she began taking part in triathlons with her local club “as a way to keep fit”.

“I loved the challenge of taking on a new sport as an adult”, explains Hannah. “Over the years I took part in various endurance events, including Coast to Coast Longest day, multi-day adventure races in China, XTERRA off-road triathlons in Hawaii, mountain bike races, half Ironmans and more. In 2017, I was encouraged to apply for my professional card, and after a few hesitations, I took the plunge. In my first couple of years, I achieved a few podiums before having a great year of racing in 2019 where I finished 1st in five professional half Ironman races and the Auckland marathon on debut.

“The decision to go full-time came after the successful year of results in 2019 and, really, the desire to truly see how far I can go in the sport. While I loved doing both my job as a researcher and racing in the professional ranks, it was difficult to give everything I could to the sport due to juggling both at once.”

Why Hannah decided to try MitoQ

“I first heard of MitoQ from my coach Bevan Mckinnon (also a MitoQ ambassador)”, says Hannah. “As an athlete, I'm putting my body through a huge amount of stress every day, so he suggested I look into MitoQ to not only help support training and recovery for sport performance, but also for long-term health and wellbeing. After looking into the research, I was incredibly impressed by the level of scientific support and evidence for taking MitoQ, with many clinical trials and published scientific studies. So, I started taking MitoQ at the beginning of my NZ Ironman build last year and, after noticing an improvement in my energy levels and recovery time, I haven't looked back.”

How MitoQ fits into her daily routine

These days, Hannah’s morning routine begins with MitoQ. Every day, she takes it first thing in the morning with a glass of water before her coffee and breakfast. Since she began taking MitoQ in 2020, she has noticed that it supports her energy levels and training sessions.

“As a professional athlete who is passionate about health and wellbeing, my purpose is not only to perform well at my sport but to encourage others to lead healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives”, says Hannah. “MitoQ is a product that helps to power this purpose by supporting my energy levels in everyday life and training so I am able to do this. I have noticed a difference in how I feel since starting to take MitoQ and I couldn't recommend it more as a tool to help support busy lives.”

How MitoQ supports Hannah’s athletic training

“I've noticed I am able to recover from training sessions much sooner than previously and, as a result, my training volume has been able to increase significantly. Last year, I struggled to put together consecutive weeks of training over 21 hours. This year, since taking MitoQ, I am stringing together multiple weeks of over 25 hours. This is going to be hugely beneficial for my racing to come and I am excited to see what the future holds. In addition to that, I have noticed just a general improvement of everyday energy levels, which makes for a much happier me!”

Why Hannah recommends MitoQ to others

“Firstly, the evidence is in the huge amount of scientific research supporting the use of MitoQ to support energy levels and health. Secondly, after trying it myself I have witnessed first-hand the benefits of taking MitoQ. It is a product that will benefit anyone leading a busy life, which is basically everyone in this day and age. I would encourage anyone and everyone to give it a go for a couple of months to see the difference themselves.”

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