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A scientific breakthrough supplement that is up to 1000x more effective at entering the mitochondria than regular CoQ10 and supports your energy, focus, health, and immunity.

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Discover our world-first, positively-charged CoQ10 to help power energy, health and immunity.


MitoQ 5mg Triple Pack

A full three-month's supply of our original breakthrough MitoQ formula.
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MitoQ 5mg

The original breakthrough formula supporting energy and recovery.
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MitoQ Heart

Scientifically formulated to support cardiovascular health.
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"Since taking MitoQ I have noticed a significant increase in energy. I don't feel so tired after running and am able to manage on less sleep."

- Gregory G


"Have been taking for 4 weeks - can not believe the difference in energy, sleeping better, and handling stress better."

- Stacy S


"On day 1, my gym performance jumped 20%! I can't recommend enough. I'm almost concerned what the next few weeks will bring."

- Alex A


Published, peer-reviewed research papers


Patents globally for advanced CoQ10 technology


Independent research development

Certified for Quality

Our products are tested by Informed Sport, MitoQ Supplements have undergone a rigorous screening for over 250 banned substances in sport and meet the strictest standards for quality control in manufacturing.

We are proudly based and manufactured in NZ. This FernMark means we’ve met all the NZ Government’s eligibility criteria of authenticity, which should give you confidence in what you’re buying.

MitoQ's pioneering bio-technology is built specifically to help maintain and prolong wellness.

Power Up Your Energy And Health

Everything your body does requires power, and that power is made inside your cells, in your body’s renewable cellular power plants – the mitochondria. If you want all this to be working at its best, it makes sense to help your mitochondria to thrive – so you can too.

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Prepare For The Future

Everyone wants the best health they can have for as long as possible, right? Even if you have a good diet and exercise regime, maintaining your long-term health can be a challenge, especially with age. That’s because if you want to support your body at a fundamental level, you need to go a level deeper, into your cells. Looking after your mitochondrial health, helps you to stack the odds in your favour.

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Deep Down Resilience

Your health is the most important asset you have. Your immune system is made up of a number of special cells, specifically tasked with helping to protect the body. They have one thing in common: they get their energy from mitochondria.

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MitoQ helping your immune system stay strong

MitoQ helps power your body’s cells, so you can do more of what matters, for longer.

What is MitoQ?

MitoQ is an enhanced form of the antioxidant CoQ10 that has been engineered to be able to get into your cells’ power plants - your mitochondria - at significant levels. No other antioxidant, CoQ10 or form of CoQ10 can do this as effectively. Once inside the mitochondria, MitoQ helps to support their function.

The results? Your bodys energy levels, mental focus, organ and body health, sleep and stress are supported. For athletes and active people, youll notice optimized performance, endurance and recovery.

MitoQ helps fortify the cellular processes at the core of your health and wellbeing, optimising your body so you can be at your best.

A strong body is made of strong cells.
Strong cells are powered by mitochondria.
What powers mitochondria?
We do.

How Does It Work?

Inside each of the trillions of cells in your body are mitochondria. These organelles are the powerhouse of your cells. When your mitochondria are functioning well you feel energized and able to take on more. What helps power your mitochondria? MitoQ. 

Discover the science that's giving athletes the edge, parents the staying power and everyday people resilience to do more.

60+ Patents Globally

60+ global patents for our advanced CoQ10 technology.

$60m In Research

Over two decades of research and $60m of independent research development investment

600+ Published Papers

Over 600 published, peer-reviewed papers from the world's leading research institutions.

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Power Up With MitoQ
Provides support for:

  • Extra energy
  • Overall organ health
  • Recovery
  • Immunity
  • Optimal performance
  • Mental focus
  • Sleep quality
  • Stress and mood
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Have some MitoQ, on us.

We're so confident with how much MitoQ can make a difference for you that we're giving you a head start in your journey with us. After 3 months you'll be well on your way to optimizing your cellular processes at the core of your health and wellbeing, so when you buy a 3 month supply of MitoQ, you can save.

Save 10% on a triple pack.

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