Note on Canadian Shipping

Important information for all Canadian customers

Important information for all Canadian customers

UPDATE: 16/09/2019

We are pleased to announce that after making some big changes to the way we ship to Canada, we have noticed a large improvement in our delivery service.

So what’s changed?

- You can now expect a delivery time of 5-7 working days. 
- We can also increase our recommendation from two bottles per shipment to three. 
- Now that the product is coming from our Kentucky warehouse, we have seen a reduction in customs fees.

We are aware that this is still not perfect and occasionally these challenges will cause frustrations beyond our control. We will continue to try and improve this experience and let you know of any further updates. 

In the meantime, please contact our customer service team at if you have any issues or questions.

Thank you again for your understanding.


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Thank you for your interest in MitoQ. We are currently experiencing some obstacles in getting our product into Canada. These challenges are outside of our control.

Some, but not all, of our orders are being inspected by customs upon entry into Canada. These orders are incurring additional and unpredictable duties and taxes. We have seen these costs range from USD20 to over USD100 depending on the size of the order. Clearly this makes for an unacceptable customer experience.

We are currently investigating a solution to this problem. Currently, our best option is to use a postal service from within the USA, rather than shipping directly from New Zealand. This has reduced the charges being incurred, however has greatly increased shipping times; from the usual 5-10 working days to 10-15 working days (sometimes longer).

We appreciate this is an unacceptable customer experience and makes providing our Canadian customers the benefits of MitoQ more complicated than it should be. We are working very hard at solving this problem and hope to be able to provide a better experience soon. We appreciate your understanding and continued support. We truly value your business and hope to be able to provide you the benefits of MitoQ without the protracted delivery times and unwanted additional charges soon.

At this time, we strongly recommend not ordering more than two bottles in any one order. If you need your order urgently or have any questions about this situation, please contact

Thank you for your understanding.



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