MitoQ as seen in Authority Magazine

I eat plenty, sleep plenty, take MitoQ, warm up, do dynamic stretching, and avoid pushing through pain.
Rose Wetzel Pro obstacle course racer, competitive runner, personal trainer and mom - on what she does to prevent injuries during competitions.
Rose Wetzel running

In a recent article with Authority Magazine, MitoQ ambassador Rose Wetzel continues to inspire us as she shares tools to optimize peak performance. In it she shares "To best way to set myself up for success is to master my morning. I wake up and drink a glass of water right away. With it, I take my morning MitoQ, a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant that recharges my cellular batteries. I’ve taken MitoQ for over four years now, and I love the confidence it gives when I’m on the start line with competitors a decade or two younger than I am."

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