MitoQ as seen in Eye Magazine

MitoQ is a new type of antioxidant that targets our mitochondria (our cellular power plants). MitoQ supports optimal cell function as well as heart, liver and brain health. It boosts energy and reduces cellular free radical damage that, over time, causes us to age. Simply put, MitoQ is different. The cells in our body know how to look after us, but sometimes they need a bit of help.

Every cell in our body is powered by small organelles called mitochondria. They take glucose from the food we eat and oxygen from the air we breathe and convert them into the energy our cells need to keep our organs functioning. As we start to age, our mitochondria do too, it actually starts at twenty! From the age of twenty, antioxidant supplies start to decline, meaning mitochondria can’t fight off free radicals as well as they used to, and oxidation sneaks in. You notice it in your skin first, but it’s happening in your other organs too. As oxidative stress damages your cells in your skin and other organs, you might start to look and feel older.

MitoQ is a mitochondrial targeted antioxidant that delivers antioxidant CoQ directly to your mitochondria, supporting their natural function and restoring their health. Only MitoQ gets into the mitochondria. This is because it is positively charged, and therefore the mitochondria, which are negatively charged, pull MitoQ inside. This means they can get on with their job, eliminating free radicals, preventing oxidation and keeping your skin and organs healthy. MitoQ does this hundreds of times more effectively than any other CoQ formulation on the market so in the war against aging; MitoQ is your powerful advantage. So what is the effect of taking MitoQ? Your cells start to act and look young again! MitoQ serum supports your skin cells to achieve youthful levels of collagen and elastin and when you take the MitoQ supplement, your brain, heart, liver, in fact all of your organs, get the energy they need to do their jobs like they did when you were younger. When you protect and support your energy source, each of your cells literally has more energy to do its job, whether it’s in your heart as it pumps day in and day out, in your brain keeping your brain sharp, or in your liver taking the toxins out of your system.

People who take MitoQ supplements report extra energy, less stress, support for sleep, increased endurance, increased libido and an overall feeling of good health. People who apply MitoQ to their skin experience a healthy, younger looking appearance with fewer fine lines, blemishes and age spots. Because we all have different levels of oxidative stress and mitochondrial function, we will all experience a different effect from MitoQ. For some, the benefits may include sharper thinking. For others, they may have a more settled stomach.