MitoQ as seen on Hollywood Life

Busy, successful, high-profile people do not get there by accident: they consistently work hard on their well-being and make smart decisions every day about how to look and feel at their best. Many of them turn to Gunnar Peterson - a highly credentialed Beverley Hills, strength, conditioning and all-round health guru – for his expert guidance, advice and support.

Gunnar knows all about how to stay on top of his health and energy levels, which is why he takes MitoQ as his supplement of choice. It’s great to see someone of Gunnar’s caliber showcasing the importance of looking after your mitochondria and how taking MitoQ can support such a fit and active lifestyle.

Gunnar Peterson speaking to hollywood life about MitoQ

Read Gunnar’s recent interview with Hollywood Life about how consistency should be your priority if you want to look fit and toned.