MitoQ features in Kia Ora Magazine

We are honored to be featured in the latest edition of Air New Zealand's in-flight magazine Kia Ora.

Kia Ora's, Matt Philp came to the Auckland MitoQ head office to speak with CEO Greg Macpherson and company co-founder Gary Lane about our 'breakthrough' year. Featured as a Business Innovation on page 76 of the May edition, the article is a great round up of the progression of both MitoQ as a company and the awareness of mitochondrial health in the industry.

We're a small company in a small part of the world, and the amount of noise we can make is unlimited. But in the next five years, anyone with a passing interest in looking after themselves will learn about mitochondria.
Greg Macpherson Former MitoQ CEO

So, if you are lucky enough to be on an Air New Zealand flight in the next month, keep an eye out for Greg's familiar face on page 77 of the in-flight magazine.