MitoQ on Viewpoint TV USA

We’re honoured to have been singled out by Viewpoint TV USA as a company with huge potential for human health. The series explores a diverse range of topics with our feature focussing on the world’s evolving approach to healthcare and personal well being. New cellular health technologies (like MitoQ) are paving the way for people to age better and maximize their quality of life.

Healthcare is changing in America. It’s a paradigm shift that has paved the way for many holistic approaches. And some may hold the answer to living a longer, healthier life
Dennis Quaid Host of Viewpoint TV

They came by to film our HQ in Auckland, New Zealand and learn a bit about us, cellular health and why we do what we do. Watch the video below to see MitoQ co-creator Mike Murphy, CEO Mahara Inglis and Chief Scientific Officer William Stow dive into the science and research behind our cellular technology and the paradigm shift as people are taking ownership of their health and wellness.

William said: “There was a recent clinical trial that showed that MitoQ was able to make older people's arteries function like someone that was 20 years younger, and when we're operating at that fundamental level, so many things are possible - we're able to make a really massive impact on people's quality of life."

We feel incredibly humbled to have been chosen for this show, which will be aired through the Corporations for Public Broadcasting which is distributed to stations nationwide for circulation.