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Feel limit less with sustained energy, better clarity, fewer slumps.

MitoQ is a breakthrough cell health molecule that enhances your energy and vitality at a deep foundational level.


MitoQ is a world-first molecule that’s scientifically shown to improve the health of your cells in a way other ingredients can’t.

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People who take MitoQ have:

Lasting energy

Better clarity

Immunity support

Faster exercise recovery

Healthier ageing

Fewer slumps

Why do I need MitoQ?

Your body is made of cells. Their health is your health.

But every day they’re damaged by cell stress caused by aging, pollution, unhealthy food, alcohol, life stress and more. This makes your body run rough.

To impact cell stress, health ingredients have to get deep into cells where it occurs. Most can’t, but MitoQ can.

MitoQ is a health molecule that’s proven to get deep into cells and neutralize cell stress.

What you get out of it: sustained energy, better mental clarity, fewer slumps, faster exercise recovery, and greater health to live the life you want.

And it's not just us saying this, but the world's top research institutions and hundreds of customers too.

What to expect.


MitoQ gets to work within your cells quickly, but as you can imagine, it takes time to revitalise trillions of cells.


After 90 days of taking MitoQ, your mind and body have been rebalanced with re-energized cells.


And the effects continue to build over time, so the longer you take MitoQ, the more you’ll sustain the benefits of great energy, clarity, exercise recovery and health.

Dr Mike Murphy, pHD microbiologist

Mike Murphy

University of Cambridge professor and MitoQ co-founding scientist

"If your cells are healthy, you are healthy. Combatting cell stress is the fundamental step to keeping our cells healthy and our bodies functioning well. If you're interested in combatting cell stress, you should read about MitoQ."

How does MitoQ work?

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We rarely think about our cells (not since science class anyway), but they’re super important. That’s because you have one body for life – and it’s made almost entirely of cells. So if you want to positively impact your wellbeing, you need ingredients that can work deep inside your cells.

But not many do.

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When our world-first cell health molecule was invented in the 1990s at a New Zealand university, it was the first of its kind to be able to effectively get deep into mitochondria. Known as cell powerhouses, mitochondria are the core energy-generator for all our cells’ processes. Running your heart, managing your brain activity, controlling hormones – it all starts here. Unfortunately this is also where cell stress starts.

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Cell stress is caused daily by aging and things like pollution and poor lifestyle. Antioxidants could regulate this, but you can’t get enough from diet alone, and the antioxidant molecules in supplements are too large to get past the mitochondrial wall. MitoQ is different. It’s proven to be able to target and get into mitochondria, helping to protect them from cell stress.

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Taking MitoQ every morning gives you healthier, more energized cells, so you have sustained energy throughout the day, better mental clarity, fewer afternoon slumps, faster exercise recovery, and better health for longer. Meaning you have more in the tank to give to life. Which is probably why lots of our customers call it a “game-changer”.