The Science of MitoQ

MitoQ penetrates your mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10 antioxidants, to support cellular energy, focus, strength and vitality.
MitoQ enters the mitochondria
The most significant advance in antioxidant technology
to help deliver health-giving energy to slow the aging process.
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A decade of research
Advanced, patented, CoQ10 antioxidant technology from over a decade of research.
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$60 million invested
Received over $60 million dollars of independent research development investment.
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350+ peer-reviewed papers
Over 350 published, peer-reviewed papers from the world's leading research institutions.


The MitoQ Breakthrough

MitoQ penetrates your mitochondria hundreds of times more
effectively than regular CoQ10 antioxidants
We made CoQ10 smaller & bonded it with a positively charged ion
MitoQ is attracted to the mitochondria and can easily pass through the membrane
This makes CoQ10 available to the mitochondria to perform vital functions

Once back at their best, mitochondria power our cells, which power our organs
which power our bodies, so we can power through life and do more of the
things that matter.

MitoQ Phil and CoQ10

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MitoQ helps your body perform at its best
MitoQ delivers targeting CoQ10 antioxidant support to your mitochondria - the power plants of your
cells - to help support your body in these important ways:
Tick Healthy energy levels
Tick Organ function           
Tick Mental focus               
Tick Resilience
Tick Over-all well-being
Tick Healthy aging

More power to you

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