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Mitochondria are our cellular batteries – structures within cells that convert the energy from food into a form cells can use. As we age, our mitochondria come under attack from free radicals from stress, illness and pollution. The earlier you try and prevent this process, the better. Giving mitochondria a boost as soon as we can and continuing this for the long-term may help slow the ageing process.

Mindfood November Mitochondria power your cells to produce the energy that makes your heart beat, brain, liver and kidneys function and your muscles perform. They become damaged as we age and start to malfunction, creating excess free radicals and oxidative damage if not neutralized by antioxidants, such as the breakthrough oral supplement MitoQ.

Biochemists at the University of Otago developed targeted antioxidant MitoQ by adding a positive charge to ubiquinone (also known as coenzyme Q10), a naturally occurring antioxidant.

The positive charge allows the ubiquinone to become concentrated in negatively charged mitochondria.mitoQ 5mg

The result is MitoQ – a groundbreaking mitochondrial targeted antioxidant that helps  protect mitochondrial membranes from free-radical damage. It is absorbed 100's of times more effectively inside the mitochondria than regular  coenzyme Q10 supplements MitoQ works by helping to  reduce oxidative damage so the mitochondria, cells, organs and vascular system can function optimally. It has also been shown in some studies to support normal blood sugar and glucose metabolism.

MitoQ chief executive Greg Macpherson says to get the best results MitoQ needs to be taken as soon as possible and on an ongoing basis.

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