Benefits Of MitoQ

When your cells are revitalized, re-energized and more resilient, so are you.

When your cells are revitalized, re-energized and more resilient, so are you.

Give your cells the energy and support they need to work properly.

Mitochondria are tiny power plants, that exist in almost all of our 37 trillion cells.  They combine the food we eat with the oxygen we breathe and turn this into the fuel our cells need to work properly.  They are essential to our health and wellbeing.

When we are young and healthy, our mitochondria work at maximum efficiency, giving our cells all the energy, they need.  We can run and jump, fall and get back up again.  We bounce back quickly from injury and illness.  As we get older, mitochondria naturally start to decline in function.

+ Learn the basics of your mitochondria

Mitochondria can slow down because of their exposure to excess free radicals - a by-product of the energy production process.  Free radicals can cause serious damage to the delicate equipment inside your cells, if they are not contained properly.  Mitochondria work hard to keep free radicals at manageable levels, producing a home-grown antioxidant called CoQ10, to neutralize them and prevent them from escaping into the cell.  Over time, as a result of their efforts, mitochondrial start to suffer from wear and tear - and when they slow down, so do you.

It is now possible to support your mitochondria, by helping to sustain a healthy level of antioxidants inside your mitochondria and helping to limit free radical damage.  This supports your cells to work at their best, for longer - helping to maintain energy production which may reduce potential free radical damage.

When your cells have all the energy they need, they are better able to do all the jobs they are tasked with.  And when your cells are revitalized, re-energized and resilient, so are you.


What are mitochondria

MitoQ is a world-first, mitochondria-targeted CoQ10 antioxidant.

MitoQ takes a shortened version of CoQ10 and gives it a positive charge. The result of these modifications is what makes MitoQ a scientific breakthrough:

  • MitoQ is instantly attractive to the negatively charged mitochondria; and

  • MitoQ is able to pass directly through the mitochondrial membrane.

These unique properties mean that MitoQ is absorbed directly into your mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than standard CoQ10 supplements.

The mitochondria use MitoQ to help re-line the mitochondrial membrane, helping to support its structural integrity and the defensive barrier.  This means that free radicals can be neutralized, and their levels can be contained, delivering a double benefit:

  1. normal energy production continues unaffected; and

  2. the risk of harm to our delicate cell equipment can be reduced.

How MitoQ works

MitoQ is proven science.

To date, over $60 million of independent funding has been poured into MitoQ research and sample product has been supplied to a number of the world's top medical research teams, and tested in over 90 different health related studies, so it's true potential can be uncovered.

In addition, MitoQ has been studied in several clinical trials, with more underway, and published in over 500 peer reviewed articles on, highlighting the full potential of MitoQ to support sustained quality of life.

Now, for less than the price of a good cup of coffee per day, you too can benefit from the amazing long-term properties of MitoQ and have confidence that you are doing the best you can for your health.

What benefits can MitoQ deliver?

Taking a supplement that supports mitochondrial performance, is a smart strategy to help you maintain energy levels and support your cells and your ongoing wellbeing and longevity.

People that take MitoQ supplements report a return of their energy, endurance and recovery times. Some can experience support for sleep, mental focus, a youthful libido and an overall lift in well-being.*

What can I expect?

  • Our bodies are unique, so everyone may experience MitoQ differently – it will depend on your age, your fitness, and the level of your overall health.  As different cells and organ systems rejuvenate at different speeds, it may take up to three months to feel the full effect of MitoQ.

  • Not everyone will feel a noticeable difference, however, MitoQ will be working silently inside your mitochondria, helping to optimize their performance, reinforcing and supporting your cellular health on a long-term basis.

  • All our ingredients carry significant scientific data to support their quality and safety.  Where possible, our ingredients have been selected and formulated to provide the highest levels of bio-availability/absorption.

More Power To You

Experience the benefits for yourself today.

Try MitoQ 5mg - the world first antioxidant supplement to directly target the mitochondria to support energy and key organ health.

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