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MitoQ Heart

60 Capsules | 1 Month Supply
Scientifically formulated to support optimal Cardiovascular Health.
  • Healthy heart function
  • Optimal cardiovascular performance
  • Supports flexible arteries
  • Supports blood pressure in the normal range

Our products are tested by Informed Sport, MitoQ Supplements have undergone a rigorous screening for over 250 banned substances in sport and meet the strictest standards for quality control in manufacturing.

We are proudly based and manufactured in NZ. This FernMark means we’ve met all the NZ Government’s eligibility criteria of authenticity, which should give you confidence in what you’re buying.


In addition to a full daily recommended dose of our breakthrough MitoQ 5mg formula, MitoQ Heart also includes effective levels of heart health ingredients Vitamin D3, Magnesium and L-Carnitine.

We suggest you try MitoQ Heart for a minimum of 3 months to give the product time to make a meaningful difference.

Spotlight Ingredients

MitoQ 5mg Mitoquinol

A shortened form of the antioxidant ubiquinol (a CoQ10) with the addition of an ion called Triphenylphosphonium, which gives it a positive charge.

These two modifications enable MitoQ to pass through the mitochondrial membrane, where it provides a payload of free radical defence and helps optimise the energy production process.

l carnitine

Helps the body convert fuel to energy by transporting fatty acids across mitochondrial membranes.


Magnesium is a crucial component of the enzymes that drive many important cellular energy production processes.

vitamin d3
Vitamin D3

Studies show that normal Vitamin D levels are consistent with a healthy cardiovascular system.

Ingredients List
  • Active ingredient per dose (2 capsules):

    MitoQ (mitoquinol mesylate) 10 mg, L-carnitine (as L-carnitine L-tartrate) 300 mg, Magnesium (as magnesium aspartate) 135 mg, Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 25 mcg.

  • Also contains:

    Hypromellose, Tapioca starch, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate, Purified water, Modified food starch, Sucrose, Sodium ascorbate, Medium chain triglyceride, Tocopherol.

MitoQ quality and safety
Our ingredients carry significant data to support their quality and safety.
high bioavailability absorption
Where possible, our ingredients have been selected and formulated to provide the highest level of bio-availability/absorption.
GMP Standards
Our ingredients and products are all manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.
MitoQ Directions 2 capsules
Take two capsules each morning with water, thirty minutes before breakfast.
MitoQ Directions Consult Physician
Do not exceed unless specified by your physician.

Customer Reviews

Kath K.

Verified Buyer


I think it is a great product. I wish it was more affordable for pensioners. Who need it most
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The Science Behind MitoQ

Mitochondria are the tiny power stations inside your trillions of cells, which generate the energy you need to function effectively.

While ordinary CoQ10 supplements struggle to enter the mitochondria and be of benefit, our world-first antioxidant molecule MitoQ is different…

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